What makes a man attractive to women? This is a trending question all the time as men are desperate to find how to attract women.

Thick eyebrows

According to most women, the thick eyebrow is what makes an attractive male face. It would be better if you were born with thick eyebrows. But if you were not born with them, you could get them fixed so that you will look more attractive to women. The thick eyebrows are associated with rough and magnetic men beauty.

Full lips

Many people perceive full lips as the symbol of beauty. If you love women with full lips, then for women, they also think that full lips are men’s attractive body parts. Some women even admit that when they look at a man with full lips, they feel that the man is a kind and open-hearted person; thus, they are more likely to be attracted by this kind of attractive male body features.


Muscular men are more attractive than fat or skinny ones

So what part of a man’s body is most attractive? The answer is simple: your muscles. This is the reason why many skinny guys are going to the gym to practice for a muscular body. A muscular guy, of course, will look better than a guy who is too skinny or too fat. However, this is not only about appearance. 

Being muscular is what actually makes a man attractive also because a muscular man gives women the feeling that he can protect her and provide a good future for her and their children. Besides, women believe that he is more likely to defend the family from dangers. Add to that, women will feel small in the arms of a muscular man and most of them love this kind of feeling. That is the reason why women find muscles are the most attractive male body features.

Now you have acknowledged about what makes a man attractive. Are you ready to change yourself to be more attractive to women? For more updates about men’s beauty, let’s check out Vuhes.com daily.