Melasma is a common condition in both male & female. Melasma in females affects your sister’s identity, so it becomes a serious problem!

Let’s get to know information about skin pigmentation & the causes of skin pigmentation below to understand & seek to solutions to prevent and cure skin best.


What is facial pigmentation?

Pigmentation of the skin is a condition of increased skin pigmentation occurring in women, especially during pregnancy and after birth. Skin pigmentation is often formed as dark skin patches.

Signs of skin pigmentation

Melasma often grows into patches on the skin or grows deep into the skin. Melasma of pale brown color after a long time will be turned dark brown, many cases are black, dark blue.


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Classification of skin pigmentation

The classification of melasma will help you to choose suitable and effective treatment. Melasma is divided into 3 levels:

Melasma epidermis:

Affects the top skin layer and the color is brown. This type of mild melasma.


An influence on the middle of a deeper envelope and is defined as blue-gray skin patches. This type of melasma deep into the envelope should often be difficult to cure

Melasma mixture:

(Synthesis of epidermal skin and epidermis) are pigments that are brownish gray. Since these pigments are deep in the middle of the envelope, it is very difficult to heal.


Who is at risk of skin pigmentation?

Melasma is very common in women especially pregnant women taking up to 90%. Only about 10% of cases of men are acquired. Melasma also often appears in women turns 30.

In addition, people with dry and thin skin are often prone to appearance due to the thin skin and prone is easy to be effected by environmental factors, cosmetics… It should be more often haunted.


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Causes of facial pigmentation

#1: Due to the sun


Why is sunlight the cause of skin pigmentation?

Ultraviolet (UV) in the sun breaks the skin structure, causing the skin to be desquamated, stimulating the production of melanin-pigmented cells – the cause of skin pigmentation, dark skin and freckles.
Just a small amount of sunshine can also make it back after 1 time to blur.
Most susceptible period: 10-16h. Due to the most intense and harmful sunshine at the same day. Frequent exposure to sunlight during this period, UV rays will be applied directly to the skin, causing heat and skin lesions, stimulating melanin production.
What about the cause from the sun, can the skin be cured? The answer is to have the same view of treatment due to exposure to multiple exposures to the sun:


Apply sunscreen when you go out: Apply before 30 minutes after going out
Best sunscreen for facial skin needs SPF45 + and PA + + + is minimal
Wearing a sun-proof jacket when you go out, make a full cover
Restrictions go out on the road at time: 10 – 16 h
Cover skin masks for skin like yogurt mask, oats mask, coconut oil mask


#2: Due to genetic factors

Why is genetics the cause of skin pigmentation?

Scientists demonstrate that 30% of her sisters are possessed from genetic factors. The consideration of grandparents, parents who have been melasma or not very important in analyzing the cause of skin pigmentation.
The genetic skin is often difficult to treat on the point because the pigmentation appears due to genes and natural reproduction. If your parents have a skin pigmentation, you will have a high probability of being able to be haunted.


Genetic treatment of skin pigmentation

Use of melasma to inhibit melanin
Diet rich in minerals vitamin E, C, A…
Use technological measures such as lasers, non-ferrous metals, roller needles or stem cells


#3: Due to pregnancy

Why is pregnancy the cause of skin pigmentation?

When pregnant with estrogen hormones, Progesteron along with elevated blood flow will stimulate the tyrosine-prophages melanin, which is located in the oxidized skin cell fertility zone and is the cause of the main skin pigmentation during pregnancy in sisters.
In addition to skin pigmentation, this period of sister’s skin also becomes dull, the pores bulge, the skin is greasy and more dark…
When pregnancy, body fatigue and soreness, psychotherapy you also become erratic, or irritable, susceptible and susceptible to stress, stress this contributes to hormonal disturbances and affects the formation of pigmentation.


How to treat pigmentation due to pregnancy?

In the case of a cause of pregnancy, there will be people who will all be able to leave the situation depending on each person’s muscles.
In the course of pregnancy should eat a full range of nutrients: the addition of food groups A, C, E, K…
The most comfortable psychomotor in pregnancy avoids affecting hormonal body
No night, enough sleep 8 hours a day
Melasma due to the use of contraceptives


Why is contraceptives the cause of skin pigmentation?

Due to the use of some of the older generation progestins containing contraceptives after 1 – 3 months after the use of the drug will appear blotches and the spots will be darker if exposed to ultraviolet rays in the sun
Oral contraceptives may cause side effects that cause hormonal changes in some people who have an unsuitable muscle with oral contraceptives


How to cure melasma due to the use of contraceptives?

Limiting the use of contraceptives
Before using an contraceptive pill to carefully consider the drug
When the manifestations of melasma should be stopped immediately the use of contraceptives and limit exposure to sunlight


#4: After birth

Why hormonal changes after birth are the cause of facial pigmentation?

Many sisters after pregnancy, undergoing menopause or menstrual disorder. It is easy to make after birth. This is the stage for many women to fear because of dark and persistent pigmentation
The cause of skin pigmentation after birth mainly due to pregnancy elevated estrogen levels, after the birth of a sudden decrease in the hormone disorder MSH-stimulates the production of melanin in the dark, freckles and skin tanning


How to cure melasma due to hormonal changes after birth?

There is a case of self from exhaustion after some time
Keep psychological comfort, avoid stress
Adequate sleep, full nutritional regimen supplement
Melasma in natural ways such as: mask turmeric, honey, yogurt, essential oil


#5: Due to aging

Why age is the cause of skin pigmentation?

Age is the cause of estrogen depletion in women. In women, after age 35, impaired estrogen levels increase MSH hormone activity – stimulating melanin production – is the culprits of skin pigmentation in women.

In addition to the time, the skin will begin to ageing. Women who are entering the age of 30 are often experiencing skin pigmentation by the fact that the cells that die on the skin appear more and more, the composition lycopene also suffer from severe deficiency. This will create an opportunity for the attack


Aging Treatment

Lightening skin: Can use nature masks in conjunction with the Diet course
Case of long-term pigmentation or severe pigmentation: laser technology can be used for treatment of melasma, using treatment creams, melasma


#6: Sitting too much in front of computer 


Why sitting many in front of the computer causes skin pigmentation?

Computers, telephones, or other electronic devices: emission of radiation rays that act directly on the open skin like hands, the neck leads to this lumpy skin, black and coarse rap area, appearance of bruises
People who are prone to: the office population is at increased risk due to sitting much work with computers that increase pore dilation causing exposure to radiation rays that occur more quickly.


How to treat the melasma by sitting to much in front of the computer?

It is recommended to sit in front of the computer screen about 35cm from each other to make the eyes less pressure and reduce the impact of radiation on the skin.
For 2 hours, wash your face once to help reduce the effects of radiation rays from electronic devices
Use moisturizers, anti-UV cream even while sitting in the room, here as a best skin protection layer when working with computers


#7: Cosmetics abuse

Why is cosmetic abuse the cause of skin pigmentation?

Improper use of cosmetics will cause the skin to be more prone to wear, reduce resistance, weakness, and more susceptible to oxidation. This is the risk factor that causes the condition to get worse. In some cases, the use of cosmetics containing toxic components also causes allergies, redness on the surface of the skin.

Chemicals that are in the cosmetics of accelerated skin whitening are favored by many sisters, or many kinds of cream that are unknown to the actual origin are harmful to the skin. Because of a lack of understanding and no thorough understanding of product information, you sometimes still buy and get a disaster for yourself.
Whitening cosmetics containing large amounts of corticosteroid have a rapid effect on blurring, reducing pigmentation, changing the black pigment and turning to white pink.
If suddenly stop using these types, the skin will begin to appear acne, allergies, darker pigmentation and freckles. The chemicals that will make the skin difficult to receive nutrients, immunity of the skin weakened and stagnant large amounts of chemicals not only worsens heavier but also cause skin cancer, allergic rash…
In some medicines can cause sensitivity to sunlight, malaria, Sulfamid drugs,… And a long-time chemotherapy also often appears.


How to treat pigmentation due to cosmetic abuse?

Should carefully view the composition and origin of cosmetics
New case (lightening): it is possible to combine the diet with natural treatments such as laying masks from the fruit, from food
Cases of severe pigmentation: possible use of high-tech, melasma-treated creams
Polluted environment is also a common reason


Why the polluted environment is the cause of skin pigmentation?

Dust smoke, toxic chemicals that contain many ultraviolet rays cause the level of pigmentation in the skin to worsen. This is also one of the causes of skin pigmentation in women.
In addition, people often exposed to the environment such as smoke dust, grease, tar… Daily disturbance of the normal functioning of skin causing skin pigmentation.
Treatment of melasma due to exposure to polluted environment:

Try to limit exposure to harmful environment, smoke dust…
Equipped with clothes,… When exposed to environments
Cases have appeared lightening: if lightening is possible to use topical creams, combining diet. If heavy soasma can use the high-tech addition combined with cream-inhibiting melanin


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#8: Psychological factors are also a cause of skin pigmentation


Why stress is the cause of skin pigmentation?

In addition to habitat, psychological factors also play a very important role. Stress, stress, Pregnenolone in the adrenal glands will only have sufficient inhibitory capacity for Cortisol, which loses the ability to balance the sex hormone Estrogen – Testosterone. When Estrogen is too high, or unbalanced will stimulate the body to produce Melanin and form a pigmentation.


How to cure stress?

Always keep the spirit of comfort, sleep well every day 7 – 8 hours sleep.
In addition, it is advisable to take the time to exercise to help strengthen the physical skin that is healthy for preventing and preventing melasma
In addition, skin pigmentation can come from the cause: The diet is not guaranteed, causing deficiency of nutrients… Essentially all diseases are largely caused by daily lifestyle impacts that cause hormones in the body to change badly.

What is the best treatment for skin pigmentation?

One more cause is the using chemicals in healthcare products, beauty products … Therefore, a good solution for sustainable treatment is that using more products having natural ingredients such as natural sunscreen, creams, beauty products or using raw materials as the green medicinal herbs.

So that you can learn about the medicinal herbs that have the effect of skin care ; protection, cure and treatment by natural medicinal herbs.


Learn about Melanin in order to get to know the skin pigmentation at below


Melanin – Causes of skin pigmentation, freckles…


When mentioning the problem: pigmentation, freckles, brown spots… It is mentioned that melanin is the main cause of skin pigmentation disorder. So, what is melanin?

Melanin is a natural substance, available in the structural composition of the skin. They are formed from cells of melanocytes scattered in the basal layer of the upper envelope. The formation of melanin on the skin requires catalysts of Tyrosinase and ultraviolet rays (UV) in the sun. (according to Wikipedia)

Melanin is also known as a skin element. Therefore, when the skin contains more melanin pigment, they will be darker and darker than other skin.

Where is melanin?

Melanin is most found in the skin, the hair, the black heart of the eye. For each department, melanin again has a different effect.

Melanin structure

Melanin is formed and produced in the dermis of the skin, which is then promoted to the bottom layer of the upper envelope. Melanin will release its uses, and manifests itself through numerous mechanisms, typically making a difference of skin tone.

The amount of melanin pigment in each body is each other, we can not use technological measures to impact, which alter this figure.


Melanin – Two-sided enemy!

Melanin’s primary role is to help you protect the skin against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, preventing harmful ultraviolet rays, and not letting them penetrate inside the body and cause skin cancer.

However, they are also “villains”, which cause the skin to become dark, freckles and darker.


What is the body if it lacks melanin pigment?

Lack of melanin pigment, the body will encounter problems related to albino such as pink eye, eyebrows, yellow eyelashes, white hair, white skin and thin tangent.

Melanin deficiency also increases the risk of fracture, rupture of bones, which can be fatal due to the body’s occurrence of vitamin D insynthesis.


Where is melanin formed from?

Understanding the reason for melanin formation, we will find out the causes of skin pigmentation, freckles,.. There will be a way to avoid fit!

Skin pigmentation of melanin exists in three forms: eumelanin (Divided into black and brown forms), Pheomelanin and Neuromelanin. When in different forms, melanin responds to many biological functions, including pigmentation of the skin, hair and skin protection, eyes.


Causes & Factors affecting melanin

Melanin is not produced by itself and we cannot determine the number of Melanin on the skin thanks to artificial approaches. There is also no artificial method that can help you to create a certain amount of melanin to protect against skin that is penetrating, freckles.

– UV rays from the Sun are the # 1 cause affecting melanin ratio.
– Due to hormonal loss
– Hazardous chemicals from the environment, food, cosmetics
– Living & eating habits
– Genetic genetic factors are the cause of hyperpigmentation due to increased pigmentation of melanin
– Pressure, stress, nervous tension are also indirect causes of hyperpigmentation of melanin
– People with thyroid disease also stimulate melanin pigment to grow stronger


Solution to help reduce pigment melanin

– Sunscreen to the skin: the main cause of hyperpigmentation of melanin is the sun, so if you want to reduce melanin, then you should be sunscreen to the skin with sunscreen or shielding carefully when you go out.
– Avoiding the risk of stress: always keeping the spirit of comfort is the indirect way to reduce pigment melanin.
– Do not use cosmetics with unknown origin. Because these are not inspected, contain many hazardous chemical components.
– A healthy lifestyle: because all the hormones in the body relate to the state of health of the body. Therefore, the sport, eating and drinking ensures adequate supply of vitamins, minerals are useful in reducing melanin pigment.

Especially, it is recommended to use foods that contain as many vitamins as carrots, tomatoes, bananas, onions; Vitamin C as guava, orange, lemon, strawberry, spinach…; Vitamin E has many in grapes, pineapple, watermelon and vitamin B12: beef, fish, cauliflower…

And finally can be treated with a number of treatment solutions with cream melasma, some cosmetic treatments..