Celery is known for its health benefits. But can celery attracts females? And does it help with pheromones? Read on!


Eating celery can make you more attractive/ Ph: Pexels@TOPHEE MARQUEZ


Celery is one of the best plants for women’s health and beauty. But what does eating celery do for a man? Can eating celery make men more attractive to women? Let’s figure out in this article.

Is it true that celery increases pheromones?


A couple of doctors studied about celery’s effects on pheromones. And they have discovered that the real way to attract women is eating celery. That’s right, celery attracts females and it is one of the foods that make you more attractive, as a man. It sounds a bit crazy, but it is true. But why is celery can be used to make foods that increase pheromones?

Pheromones are often referred to as a “sixth sense”. They are somewhat related to our sense of smell and tend to work on a less than conscious level. Although we haven’t fully understood it, at least in humans, pheromones are considered as a sort of chemical communication system. They are used to communicate between different individuals. You might have seen this in animals, so when pheromones are released from one individual, they can cause a behavioral response in another.

The relationship between celery and male pheromones


Celery contains androsterone which is a natural male hormone steroid. So eating celery causes men to release more pheromones immediately, specifically androstenol which women can detect, but not on a fully conscious level. So now can you guess the benefits of eating celery before bed? Of course, your partner will be attracted to you right away. While there’s not any direct or anecdotal information to confirm this, you can believe that this specific pheromone, androstenol, can have a real effect on human behavior. According to science, it could in theory work, but you can always apply it in your own life and find out yourself!