A lot of people are wondering about things celebrities do to look good at everytime they appear in front of the cameras. It is said that celebrities often use luxurious skincare products to maintain their look everyday. However, there are some celebrities who have strange beauty treatments that somehow will make other people surprised. In order to know more about Hollywood skincare secrets, let’s check out in this article.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s fruity toothpaste

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s fruity toothpaste / Ph: pinterest

People often avoid fresh fruit such as pineapple and strawberry to scrub their teeth as they are afraid of the amounts of sugar of these fruits that will maintain on their teeth. Nevertheless, Catherine usually uses strawberry seeds instead of toothpaste. As a result, her teeth are very white and she is really into it.

Jennifer Lopez’s obsession of placenta facials

A key to get a glowing skin of Jennifer Lopez is applying placenta facials regularly. This helps her have a fresh and youthful look, which can slow the process of aging.

Kate Hudson uses ice water to revitalize her glow

Kate Hudson uses ice water to revitalize her glow / Ph: pinterest

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