Top 6 Wellbeing Resorts In The World

1. Gansevoort Turks + Caicos

Although all of the Gansevoort hotels provide you with the signature workout, wellness and health plans, this wellbeing resort located on the island offers the additional allurement of getting fit by the sea. The full-service Exhale Spa of this wellbeing resort offers restorative body and mind programs running the gamut from cardio training to intensive yoga and fitness boot camp. Also, you can take advantage of water pursuits such as diving, sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing and kite-boarding in warm and clear Caribbean waters.

2. The BodyHoliday

The BodyHoliday, a seaside St. Lucia resort, is one of the top wellbeing resorts in the world.  Apart from on-site programs like BodyAware, this wellbeing resort also offers special fitness-themed retreats such as yoga months and training with former professional athletes. Also, there is a wellness center, a spin studio and a water sports center. Plus, rates include daily spa treatments, archery, fencing, tai chi, Pilates and more. Moreover, the BodyHoliday is also a part of an island-wide health workshop that often attracts celebrity fitness and health gurus.

3. Cavallo Point

The Cavallo Point complex initially served as military barracks. Although it has lost its Spartan vibe, its architectural heritage still remains its important part. Surrounded by nature, this luxury resort is an ideal base for hiking, And the guests are offered comprehensive packages for improving health and wellbeing. Nutritional and dietary counseling, acupuncture, body awareness and fitness programs, martial arts, yoga, energy work programs and mind-body relaxation techniques are all available. Also, there is a meditation pool and full-service spa for relaxation.

4. The Boulders

The Boulders has been known as a celebrity favorite for spa and golf retreats and now, they offer more for the wellness and health travelers. Mountain bike trails, horseback riding, rock climbing, tennis, Pilates, tai chi, yoga as well as other physical activities pair well with the nutritional counseling and organic culinary offerings. Astrological soul readings, Shamanic journeys, and a Hopi Indian medicine wheel may include in this experience for promoting a holistic balance of body, mind and spirit.

5. Thanyapura

In case you are seeking a triathlon training or camp-style, assault course, this is an ideal place for you. This wellbeing resort offers wellness, health and an improved life through active lifestyles and sports. As a result, many professional athletes come to train. Besides, top coaches and programs provide physical training, Sports Mindfulness training as well as education about preventive medicine. The complex includes 4 main centers including Mind Center, Sports and Leisure Club, Thanyapura Health as well as Phuket International Academy. A large numbers of sports academies, including tennis, football, aquatics, triathlon, rugby, provide teams training and competitions at all ages and levels. Facilities include kids and teen clubs, day spa, performance center, arts studio and restaurants featuring organic cuisine.

6. Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary

This is known as one of the top wellbeing resorts that offers wellness retreats, cleansing, detox, yoga, emotional healing as well as spiritual offerings whose excellence had led to many awards. The wellness center provides detox, spa treatments, Thai and Ayurvedic treatments, meditation, yoga and fitness training.

After reading this article about top wellbeing resorts in the world, hope that you can find out what resort is suitable for your requirements. Share other top wellbeing resorts that you know with other readers by leaving your comments below.Order Online And Save 15%

Order Online And Save 15%

Order Online And Save 15%