The summer has come and we are seeking for something interesting to do. If you get bored with a vacation to the beach, here we list some of the top luxury experiences you can try to make your summer unique and memorable.


#1: Safari-style adventure at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort


Take a safari-style adventure at Clayoquot Wilderness Retreat with $3,500 / Ph: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort


With $3,500, guests can enjoy unique luxury experiences of safari-style adventure at Cloud Camp for one night. Cloud Camp, a settlement on the rocky mountain which is 4,500 feet above the sea level, will give you a chance to overlook the beautiful Clayoquot Sound.


#2: White desert – Luxury adventures in Antarctica


White desert –  Bespoke luxury experiences / Ph: White desert


Antarctica is about 620 miles from the nearest out spot such as Argentina and Ushuaia so the costs can be very high. But the bespoke luxury experiences you can have are really worth your money. You can take steps on ice-fields, have some pictures with blue whales or waddle with cute penguins. You also can fly a private jet, together with 11 other travellers, from Cape Town to the South Polewhere with the cost of $92,500 per person a week.


White desert – Luxury adventures in Antarctica / Ph: White desert

#3: Adriatic Luxury Cruises


Adriatic Luxury Cruises / Ph: SILVERSEA


Adriatic, with its combination between the past and the present, will help tourists to enjoy the best luxury experiences. It has two national parks, some World Heritage sites. You can discover traces of dinosaurs or the Brijuni national park with 700 plant and 250 bird species.

If your finance is strong, there are many options for a summer vacation. Here we list some of the best attractions where you can enjoy unique luxury experiences so that you can make a decision to have a memorable vacation.