Top 6 Tips for Renting a Best Homestay

Homestay is a popular accommodation tourism model in recent years.  Tourists both have a place to rest, relax and discover, experience the unique culture and customs of the locality.  However, to choose a quality homestay, here are the top 6 tips for renting a best homestay for you.

I- Experience in choosing and booking homestay

1- Consider comfort and privacy when staying at a homestay

The feature of the homestay tourism model is that visitors can stay, live, eat, drink, participate in culture, festivals with local people and other tourists.

Top 6 Tips for Renting a Best Homestay

ph: Lapia House

So in terms of comfort and privacy, the homestay tourism model may not be comparable to the hotel and motel model.

So if you want to book a homestay with comfort and privacy space, you need to carefully research the homestay and make the right choice.

2- Find information about homestay carefully before booking

Before booking, you should also carefully find information about homestay through social media such as website, fanpage, etc. The information you need to find out, for example:

Price: What is the price of homestay rentals by day, week, compare the price with other homestay to know the difference.

Homestay location: The homestay location is located in the center or far from the city.  Usually in the center, it will be convenient to move, but if you are far away, the road can be difficult, bumpy, steep .... From there you can prepare the means and necessary items when moving.

Facilities: Homestay facilities have the quality and aesthetics as your needs.

Reviews: Refer to reviews, comments of those who have experienced before to know what the positive and negative aspects of the homestay are.  From there, consider to choose a best homestay.

- Offers,..

3- Book early, especially during peak occasions, holidays and New Year

In the peak season, especially during the holidays, the demand for travel and relaxation of domestic and international tourists increases dramatically.  Because at this time, they have time to rest and relax after a tiring and stressful working day.

In fact, homestays at these times are almost out of room. So if you are planning to go on a vacation, you should take your time to choose at least 1 month in advance to book homestay early, to avoid the situation that when you are close to the holiday, the homestay that you choose is no longer available.

You can contact to make a reservation for homestay through many ways such as:

Book directly on the hotline of the homestay

Booking on OTA channels

- On the website or on the homestay's fanpage

II- Before and during the homestay

1- Things to clarify before coming

The check-in and check-out times of homestays are often different, you need to ask clearly to avoid the case of arriving early, having to wait until check-in time or staying overtime and being charged an unexpected fee when checking out.

Most homestays have personal items (brush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, etc.) for guests to use.  However, not all homestays have them.  So you need to ask carefully to be prepared in advance.

2- Learn about customs in advance to avoid conflicts when staying at homestay

With homestay locations with many indigenous cultures and customs, indigenous people respect and are proud of those cultural features.

Top 6 Tips for Renting a Best Homestayph: Lapia House

Suppose that you come to participate in their customs, but because you do not understand these customs, you have acted or behave inappropriately, unintentionally making them feel disrespected.  This situation is very prone to conflicts and conflicts.

So before going on a vacation and staying at a homestay, it is best to learn about the local customs and habits so that you can integrate in the best way, participate in the most fun and avoid unnecessary conflicts arise.

3- Check equipments and quantity of furniture in homestay immediately upon check-in and check-out

The most important tip that you should note when checking in and checking out of homestay to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts with the homestay owner are as follows:

When checking in at the homestay:

Check and confirm with the homestay owner or staff about the equipment and quantity of furniture;  Are there any damaged or broken items?

Homestays will often have a table of rules, so read carefully when checking in and ask the homestay owner or staff about things you do not understand.

When checking out of the homestay:

Check the equipments and quantity of furniture. Did you damage anything?

Checking your belongings and personal belongings for any defects, avoiding the case of forgetting things but returning to get it is very time consuming.

When making payment for the homestay, you should carefully check the bill, in case the staff calculates something wrong.

Above are top 6 tips for renting a best homestay when traveling.  Hopefully with this information you have the best preparation and choose for yourself a best homestay.


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