Are there fastest ways to naturally boost & rebuild skin collagen? Fortunately, the answer to this question is yes. We can encourage the body to produce more of collagen. Supplements, habits and diet can affect how the skin looks when we start to age.

Top 5 Fastest Ways To Naturally Boost & Rebuild Skin Collagen

1. Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliating can help in removing dead and dry skin and it also encourages the skin to produce more collagen. You just need to gently scrub the skin and face in circular motions with a mild face or body scrub. You can purchase these scrubs in grocery stores, drug stores and department stores. Also, you can make your own natural scrubs by mixing brown sugar with olive oil, apricot kernel oil or coconut oil in a ratio 1:1. You can use a body scrub once daily or every other day when taking a shower. After that, you apply a moisturizer in order to prevent the skin from drying out.

2. Take Vitamin C Supplements

You should take vitamin C supplements to naturally boost skin collagen. There is a variety of products available on the market. Experts recommend that we should take vitamin C supplements on a daily basis as it actually helps with the body’s collagen production. The recommended vitamin C intake is 500mg a day. Also, you should eat more vitamin C-rich foods such as spinach, broccoli, kiwi and citrus fruits while taking the supplements.

3. Face Massage

Studies suggest that a face massage can be one of the fastest ways to naturally boost & rebuild skin collagen. Basically, we should massage the face and body on a daily basis to stimulate the lymph glands and to make the skin look plump and nice. You can use your hands to massage your face, have somebody else massage your face or purchase a face massager. While massaging the skin, you should use plenty of moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and soft.

4. Hydrate The Skin

Keeping the skin hydrated with plant foods, water and hydrating skin is one of the fastest ways to naturally boost & rebuild skin collagen.  So, you should drink plenty of water, eat foods that have high content of water and apply skin creams or gels that contain hydrating ingredients.

5. Make Use Of Phytoestrogen

The estrogen levels begin to decrease when we are older. Actually, estrogen is important for keeping us young. When the estrogen production decreases, we need to find ways to boost its levels to rebuild the collagen production. To deal with this, many women are making use of plant estrogen, called phytoestrogen, which can be found in peas, soy products, alfalfa, pinto beans and flaxseeds. Consuming more of these foods may help boost & rebuild skin collagen

After reading this article, I hope that you will apply one or more of these fastest ways to naturally boost & rebuild skin collagen as soon as possible. If you know other ways to increase skin collagen production, share them with other readers by leaving your comments below.