In the past, this dish with Tremella mesenterica, the Yellow Brain Fungus, was very important to the king of China.

Seemingly identical to the common rustic but wearing a gorgeous yellow tint, it is a specialty in Yunnan province, China. Tremella mesenterica, also known as the Yellow Brain Fungus, usually grows in high mountain beech forests in Yunnan. Their nutritional value is comparable to that of ginseng and deer antler. The rare Yellow Brain Fungus grows on the wooden bar

In the past, this dish was very important to the king of China. Today, this dish is also included on the National Party. In some countries, they are dubbed the “nest of Plants” or “beauty artifacts”.
Thanks to the high mountain growth, the Yellow Brain Fungus is a true green food. Compared with common magnolia and white rustic, this specialty contains more abundant heteroglucan acid content, which has anti-aging, antiinflammatory, radiation resistance and cancer.

It is rare and usually sold in dry form. In addition, it has numerous benefits for health such as anti-fat, blood fat reduction, cholesterol reduction in the liver, strengthening liver detoxification function, treatment of heart disease, hepatitis and tumor. In particular, Yellow Brain Fungus is rich in amino acids and collagen proteins, if eaten regularly will help skin become youthful, soft, maintain the spring bar.
It is rare and often sold in dry form. They are often used in tea dishes or cooked into nutritious soup.

When used, they will soak their gold in water and wait for 2-3 days to bloom. The dried product is very pleasant and lightly scented. They are often used in tea dishes or cooked into nutritious soup.


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