Insight into the mechanics of stress with mindfulness-based solutions


For those who want to:

– Understand the emotional patterns that cause stress

– Change your perception and coping skills

– Apply mindfulness as an antidote


We experience stress and anxiety when daily pressures and challenging situations seem like more than we can handle. We can think of these overwhelming feelings as the result of an unbalanced supply and demand of our emotional resources. How can meditation help?  By creating space in our minds, meditation allows us to discern which demands on our emotional and energy resources are valid and which aren’t. We begin to see the big picture with more clarity and a sense of openness, and this makes both our situation and our state of mind more workable.


Mindworks Working with Stress module can help you gain perspective and reduce anxiety. This program features Mind Trainer Maria Camara, PhD, an experienced psychologist and meditation teacher who has studied stress from both perspectives. In addition to her guided meditations for working with stress, Maria provides insights into how to change your perception so you can cope better with stress now and prevent it from being a problem in the future.


Explore our Working with Stress program for

– An understanding of what stress is and the emotional patterns that support it

– Guided meditations specific to working with stress

– Insights into how your beliefs can make or break the stress pattern

– Antidotes that really help reduce stress

– Advice about how to work with difficulties in a healthier way


Guided meditations for this course provide fundamental instructions in mindfulness practice with a focus on understanding and reducing stress. Together, meditation practice and insightful learning serve as a catalyst for growth.

Each daily session of this 8-day module takes about 12 minutes to complete.

Give yourself the gift of discovering a natural, durable method of stress reduction. Sign up now!


Online meditation course to help relieve stress

Take this course if you want to break your stress patterns through meditation.
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