Below we provide brief information about a famous medical skincare brand – pH Advantage.  

pH Advantage is a beauty brand famous for medical grade skincare products. This brand was developed by a renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Cohen. At the present, pH Advantage is one of the most famous pH beauty brands for featuring higher quality products with the lower pH level. And the ingredients in these innovative products have been proven for maximum absorption. 

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What is pH Advantage?

pH plays an important role in determining how effectiveness of topical skin care ingredients in improving someone’s skin. In the beauty market there are numerous beauty products with different texture, packaging, the concentration of active ingredients, the pH, etc. So where does bioavailability come in?

Basically, bioavailability refers to the difference amount of  a substance such as herb, drug that our body exposes and the actual amount  the substance the body receives. Bioavailability determines the difference between exposure and dose.

So the ideal pH level for our skin is around 3.0-4.0. This level is known as the pH beauty since it helps to renew and refresh our skin. That’s why most common therapeutic skin care treatments include Alpha-Hydroxy acids such as Glycolic, Salicylic, or Lactic acid. These acids help to keep the pH level of the products around 3.0. 

What do customers think about pH Advantage products?

There are a host of customers who have been used and satisfied with the pH Advantage products. That’s why they have written a lot of pH beauty brand reviews. For example, Hailey – a girl who had been struggling with bad acne 5 years, tried the pH Avantage product. And this product was so effective that she had less acne in just a couple weeks. 

The best-selling products

Here are best-selling products among the pH beauty products:

  • Elagase – Breakthrough Facial Anti-aging with White Tea Extract and CoQ10
  • Pyranase – Premium Dark Spot Corrector Anti Aging Skin Cream
  • AM/PM Hyaluronic infusion – Anti Aging Facial Moisturizer for Intense Skin Hydration

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