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One of the most in demand plastic surgeons in Australia, Dr Tavakoli is the surgeon of choice for leading models and TV personalities in Australia and NZ. A master of the natural look breast augmentation, patients travel interstate and internationally to undergo surgery with Dr Tavakoli. With over 6000 cosmetic breast procedures performed, Dr Tavakoli’s patients are at ease knowing they are dealing with a vastly experienced and trusted Plastic Surgeon.

The reasons for wanting a breast enlargement vary; some women notice their bodies change after weight loss or pregnancy, while others have always disliked their breasts since puberty. As one of the most sought-after Plastic Surgeons in Australia, Dr Tavakoli has pioneered a number of techniques and methods including fat grafting to the breast which ensures he is able to deliver the finest results to even the most discerning of patients.

Researching the Best Plastic Surgeons in Sydney can be a timely process before undergoing surgery. Dr Tavakoli and his team provide support throughout the surgical journey and develop a trusting relationship with patients to ensure they feel comfortable. Whatever your reasons are for considering breast enlargement surgery in Sydney, Dr Tavakoli works with you to understand your desires and expectations.

Regarded as the People’s Plastic Plastic Surgeon for breast enlargement in Sydney, Dr Tavakoli has sound knowledge and expertise in correcting “droopy” or tuberous breast shapes. These conditions may require complex mastopexy procedures in order to provide optimal results.

Breast Sizing is an integral part of Dr Tavakoli’s consultation methodology. Precise sizing will take place in the consultation rooms throughout your pre-operative process. Dr Tavakoli exclusively offers intra-operative (during surgery) implant sizing to ensure all patients receive the most suitable implant for each individual’s body. This method of sizing eliminates human error in the consult room which does not take into account skin’s ability to expand plus chest wall-rib curvature. As a result Dr Tavakoli’s re-augmentation rate for upsizing patients is very low.

Dr Tavakoli has pioneered the Natural breast augmentation with emphasis on correct shape, size, cleavage and side boob. The dual pocket will ensure the perfect upper pole take off resulting in a very natural breast enhancement.

Dr Tavakoli is a Breast Augmentation leader specialising in Minimal Incision and Dr T’s Flash Recovery Technique:

  1. Careful mapping,
  2. Minimal incision
  3. Meticulous dissection in totally bloodless field,
  4. Patented spray to stop blood ooze & minimise Capsular contracture. Surgical drains no longer needed,
  5. Multiple intraoperative sizing to get the correct shape and size
  6. Invisible sutures,
  7. Limited use of Bra,
  8. Neck exercises Day 1 onwards,
  9. Return to work Day 5-7,
  10. Return to gym Day 21



Known for his exceptional breast results, body transforming mummy makeovers and wasit-buttock rehsaping, Dr Tavakoli is well experienced in multiple techniques enabling him to combine methods to give his patients the best possible outcome. In an era of ‘one hit wonders’ Dr Tavakoli’s patients are able to benefit from his diverse skill set and eye for detail. 

Since going into private practice in 2004, Dr Tavakoli runs one of the busiest cosmetic plastic surgery practices in the country. His boutique practice, colloquially referred to as the ‘Chanel of Plastic Surgery’ services patients from all over Australia and abroad. A frequent guest on The Morning Show medical panel, ABC and Sunday Night, Dr Tavakoli’s opinion and expertise are sought after by the media and medical community.

Always an innovator, Dr Tavakoli is the Industry leader in social media. With a combined following of over 600,000 across his social media and a weekly audience reach of over 3 million people globally, Dr Tavakoli utilises social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to engage and educate future patients.

He has been featured in publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald for “changing the face of cosmetic surgery in Australia”.

Dr Tavakoli has also amassed a niche following of medical students, doctors and fellow surgeons on his snapchat who enjoy observing and learning from one of the leaders in plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Experience & Conferences

In this field experience, expertise and innovation are the key to success. Dr Tavakoli believes that the future of Plastic Surgery is “super-specialisation” in either Cosmetic Surgery or Reconstructive Surgery. Although he has trained in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr Tavakoli is one of only a handful of Plastic Surgeons in Australia with a practice solely committed to Cosmetic Surgery. As a result, the majority of Dr Tavakoli’s practice is dedicated to breast surgery, Mummy Makeoversand Rhinoplasty.

In addition to his 10 years of Australian plastic surgery training in Sydney and Melbourne, Dr Tavakoli has also travelled to some of the major European and American Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centres ensuring he is up to date with the latest surgical techniques and practices.

  • 2004 – Rome, Italy with Professor Marco Gasparotti at Villa Salaria: LIPOSCULPTURE (superficial)
  • 2004 – Barcelona, Spain – Planas Clinica
  • 2004 – London, England – Face Lift
  • 2005 – Dallas, Texas – RHINOPLASTY
  • 2006 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Periareolar mastopexy
  • 2007 – Stuttgart, Germany – RHINOPLASTY
  • 2008 – Melbourne – Breast Augmentation Symposium
  • 2009 – Dallas, Texas – RHINOPLASTY
  • 2010 – Singapore – Dr Charles Randquist, Breast Master Class
  • 2011 – Melbourne – Rhinoplasty Symposium
  • 2011 – Sydney – Dr Per Heden Breast Augmentation Symposium
  • 2012 – Melbourne – Eyelid surgery Symposium and Workshop
  • 2012 – Stuttgart, Germany – Rhinoplasty Workshop
  • 2012 – Melbourne – Upper Eyelid Surgery Workshop
  • 2012 – Melbourne – Facelift Anatomy & Techniques
  • 2013 – Stockholm, Sweden – Breast & Weight Loss surgery
  • 2014 – Melbourne – Abdominoplasty & Buttock Fat Grafting
  • 2015 – Stuttgart, Germany – Rhinoplasty Workshop
  • 2015 – Milan, Italy – Rhinoplasty Masterclass
  • 2015 – NYC, USA – Cutting Edge Symposium
  • 2016 – Miami, USA – Brazilian Butt Lift
  • 2017 – Stockholm, Sweden – Beauty Through Science
  • 2017 – Melbourne – 40th Annual ASAPS Conference (Guest Speaker)

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Dr Tavakoli is committed to providing a consistently high level of expertise in his practice and therefore regularly attends and participates in the CME & CPD programs established by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS).

Pro Bono Work

Dr Tavakoli does perform Plastic and Reconstructive surgery free of charge on patients born with congenital disfigurement or victims of trauma who have genuine financial constraints. Please note that this generous work does not extend to patients wanting free cosmetic surgery. All pro bono work is treated with utmost confidentiality.

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