At Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand`s award-winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort, you can experience a life-enriching healthy holiday. Its wellness programs offer solutions for detox, stress and burnout, healthy lifestyle and yoga. If you are looking for a more personalised wellness experience, its team of international naturopaths can work with you to create your own health program from its extensive range of holistic medicine, spa and healing therapies.

Centred around a monks cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, Kamalayas essence is expressed in its name, Lotus (kamal) Realm (alaya), an ancient symbol for the growth and unfolding of the human spirit.

The Kamalaya holistic sanctuary and spa is based in Thailand and offers a “stimulating environment for personal growth and long term healthy transformation.
The resort is on the coast of southern Koh Samui, where Buddhist monks once meditated. The spa offers treatments that include organic facials and detoxifying scrubs that work to improve skins appearance while also relaxing visitors. Those who visit the spa are forbidden to use their phones and other electronic devices when they are not in their rooms, ensuring that guests are able to enjoy the scenery around them, connect to nature and learn to live without checking work emails or scouring social media. 
The Kamalaya retreat is ideal for individuals looking for an escape from both their professional and personal lives.

Its wellness programs offer solutions for detox, stress and burnout, optimal fitness, weight control, sleep enhancement, emotional balance and yoga. If you are looking for a more personalised wellness experience, our team of international naturopaths can work with you to create your own health program from our extensive range of holistic medicine, spa and healing therapies.


Basic and Comprehensive Optimal Fitness, Ideal Weight and Sleep Enhancement programs


Health & optimal fitness retreats at Kamalaya Koh Samui Thailand

Basic Optimal Fitness is a personalised program designed to help people achieve their fitness goals. Personal instruction and guidance from a Kamalaya fitness expert allows the program to be adapted, making it suitable for those wanting to begin a fitness program as well as regular exercisers who wish to focus on specific goals or develop the intensity of their workouts. Whether it is to increase upper body strength, develop cardiovascular fitness, improve body shape and tone, develop regular fitness habits or some other goal, the one-to-one instruction allows for optimal results. With holistic spa therapies and nutritious cuisine included, guests will experience improved health on all levels. Choose from 5, 7 or 10 night programs.


Comprehensive Fitness program and retreat in Thailand

Comprehensive Optimal Fitness Program is the ideal program for regular exercisers who wish to develop their workouts while also seeking support in finding a balance between intense exercise, relaxation techniques and stretching, optimum nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It follows Kamalayas holistic wellness approach integrating personal fitness training, yoga and stretching as well as nutritional guidance, emotional and mental support complemented by carefully selected therapeutic wellness treatments. Starting off with a holistic fitness evaluation and focusing on personal training as well as individual yoga, stretching and aqua classes, Kamalayas team of fitness and wellness experts can address specific fitness goals and areas to suit individual needs. Besides the core daily training sessions you will be given guidance on how to incorporate fitness routines into your lifestyle in a sustainable and healthy way. Daily sessions in the Far Infrared Sauna and specific wellness treatments such as Asian Foot and Hand Massage, Ayurvedic and Thai Massage have been designed to work synergistically with physical exercise, soothing and relaxing the body after training. Choose from 7 or 10 night programs.


Weight Loss Programs & Retreats Thailand

Designed to help identify areas of physical imbalance and related emotional or mental patterns, this structured program guides you towards achieving your optimal weight and maintaining your balance within and without. This is not a ‘fad’ diet designed for rapid weight loss, but a healthy lifestyle approach for long-term weight management and improved wellbeing. Dietary recommendations and guidance from holistic practitioners in nutrition, naturopathy and Traditional Chinese medicine are included, in addition to therapies such as Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, acupuncture and infrared sauna, along with Personal Fitness training. Choose from 7, 9 and 14 night programs.


Sleep Apnea Koh Samui Thailand

The focus of the Sleep Enhancement program is to re-establish healthy and restful sleep while addressing sleep issues and imbalances, not only during a guests time at Kamalaya,  but also for the long term back home. Sleep difficulties are addressed through a combination of core treatments and therapies drawing from naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage therapy and mind-body balance. Incorporating treatments such as Shirodhara, acupuncture and foot massage, this therapeutic and preventative program addresses lifes stresses and strains, as well as body imbalances which deplete sleep quality and impact health. Available as a stand-alone 5, 7 or 9 night program and also as an add-on to some other programs.


Detox Retreats at Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

This program is ideal for people new to detoxification and cleansing. A great starting point for many health goals, this simple and effective program features Kamalayas delicious and healthy Detox cuisine as well as a range of holistic therapies for cleansing the body, mind and spirit. You can expect improved health on all levels including internal balance and increased energy and vitality. Less intensive than the Basic and Comprehensive Detox & Rejuvenation, this program is ideal if you want to combine your detox with other a la carte Wellness treatments and therapies.


Detox and Rejuvenation Program at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary Thailand

Kamalayas structured Basic Detox and Rejuvenation program is research-based and brings medical science and holistic therapies together. Nutritional and herbal support helps to reduce side effects and optimise the detoxification process. Combining various therapies, nutritional supplements and healthy cuisine with optional holistic fitness classes, these programs are an integrated approach to experiencing lightness of being. The Basic Detox & Rejuvenation package is available in 7, 9 or 14 night duration. A customised program can be created by a wellness practitioner if you would like to extend your detox stay.


Detox & Rejuvenation Program at Detox Center & Spa

Kamalayas Comprehensive Detox Program brings together medical science and holistic therapies. This intensive program is recommended for experienced detoxers rather than first-timers. With herbal remedies and supplements and a complete program of daily therapies, including regular Colon Hydrotherapy sessions, this program is designed  to optimize the detoxification process in every way. In addition to standard detox therapies, further treatments  from both Eastern and Western medical traditions are combined to enhance wellbeing on all levels.  Choose from 7, 9 and 14 night packages.


Stress Relief & Stress Management Programs


De-stress, Replenish & Boost Energy Levels

This program is designed for people in need of the time and place to step back from their life and recover balance, relax, renew their energy and replenish their spirit. Experience a range of therapies drawn from diverse healing traditions and a variety of holistic activities to de-stress, replenish depleted energy levels and boost the immune system. Optional complementary and alternative medicine treatments and private sessions may be recommended, dependent upon your individual needs. The least intensive of all our programs, Relax and Renew is ideal for people looking for a gentle, relaxing wellness holiday. You can choose from 3, 5, 7, 9 and 14 night programs. 


Combining Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine & Thai Therapies

A rare and life enhancing immersion into the holistic healing traditions of Asia. Synergistically combining Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and traditional Thai therapies with exercises and practices from diverse Asian traditions, Asian Bliss is a powerful introduction to ancient healing realms designed to promote bliss, renewal, joy and vitality. As well as helping to relieve stress, Asian Bliss introduces you to vital energy practices that can support a more balanced approach to life. Asian Bliss is available in 5, 7 and 10 night packages.


Stress Relief & Adrenal Burnout prevention

This program is designed to counteract the stresses of contemporary lifestyles and prevent adrenal burnout. Upon arrival you begin with a personal Balance and Revitalise Consultation and bio-impedance analysis to determine your specific health and wellness needs so that the program can be tailored for maximum effect and comfort. Restorative and healing treatments include Royal Ayurvedic Massage, Shirodhara, Vital Essence Oil massage and more. Personal consultations in Naturopathic Lifestyle, Nutrition and Anti-Stress management support you to achieve a more balanced approach to your life. If required, additional medical tests are available following your consultation. Extra charges will apply. Available as a 7 or 14 night package.


Lifestyle & Stress Management

The intense Comprehensive Balance & Revitalise program was created for those already suffering the affects of adrenal burnout. Deeply restorative and healing, this program deals holistically with the symptoms and underlying causes of adrenal burnout, and addresses stress prevention and recovery from a mind, body and spirit perspective. It also prepares you to make the best of future challenges and opportunities by helping you to maintain your balance during stress and change. Combining restorative therapies and nutrition with personal consultations in Naturopathic Lifestyle, Nutrition and Stress management, the program also includes nutritional supplements and herbal supplements and remedies to support your recovery. If required, additional medical tests are available following your consultation. Extra charges will apply. Comprehensive Balance & Revitalise is available as either a 7 or 14 night package.


Yoga & Meditation retreat centre Thailand

The Kamalaya Personal Yoga Synergy offers private one-to-one yoga sessions with customised instruction along with complementary treatments, including Ayurveda therapies from our experienced Indian therapists. This personal yoga and wellness retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike, as the daily yoga sessions are tailored to the individuals skill level and goals. The customised instruction includes asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation. Instruction can be adapted to fulfil a range of goals, such as addressing physical limitations, developing a regular home practice or deepening and intensifying existing practice. Choose from 3, 5 or 7 night programs.


To enhance its individual wellness programs and personalized health journeys, Kamalaya has now introduced small group retreats. Guided by distinct wellness experts, its Life Enhancement Retreats provide a setting for guests to explore specific areas of interest in greater depth and benefit from the dynamic group energy and support network of like-minded individuals. Each retreat has been developed collaboratively with the retreat leaders who hold a deep appreciation for Kamalaya’s philosophy of holistic wellness, combining life enriching insights with carefully selected wellness treatments. All retreats are results-oriented and approach the integral wellness concept – of mind, body and soul – from a distinct perspective to create a unique experience that could only be delivered at Kamalaya.
Focus on inner life and emotional disposition
The Embracing Change program is the first of Kamalayas wellness programs to focus on exploring ones inner life and emotional disposition. This is an ideal program to enrich your emotional wellbeing and life fulfillment.  The focus throughout the program is to explore ones emotional habits and address current life situations with effective tools to restore emotional balance.  Suitable for anyone seeking support for life change and life challenging situations of any kind, as well as for targeting behaviours such as emotionally-driven eating habits, relationship issues including loss or break-ups, work related difficulties, anxiety and grief. This program offers an experience of self discovery and growth both during the immersion in the program as well as a continuation with tools to take back home.

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