KidsWellnessTM herbal formulas are unique preparations developed through 34 years of working with children’s special needs in a pediatric doctor’s medical practice. Eric N. Rydland, M.D., D.A.B.P., has formulated these herbal combinations specifically to meet the needs of children after years of listening to the parents of children he has treated. They have told him that the herbal remedies currently available are difficult to give because of their taste, even when mixed in strong drinks and foods. They also relayed that it was difficult to calculate, remember and constantly adjust the amounts of several different bottles of individual herbs. Parents also complained that buying several bottles of herbs was expensive and many formulas contained alcohol or wouldn’t stay mixed in the bottle.

Now there are twelve specifically targeted natural formulas available, designed to deal with these concerns. They have been developed by a pediatric board certified medical doctor with over 34 years experience in treating tens of thousands of children with natural remedies. The herbs are combined in exactly the proper ratios to have the greatest effect on the condition for which it is recommended. All herbs are completely natural, either organic or wild crafted.

KidsWellnessTM formulas are just as beneficial for adults of all ages as they are for children.

Research shows that liquid herbal formulas enter the bloodstream within minutes. This means that they begin to work much faster than either capsules or tablets. They don’t need to be digested, are completely bioavailable, and have full potency!

1. Colds and Flu

Dr. Rydland’s Adult & Childrens Family Daily Defense – $24.95


Dr. Rydland’s Adult & Childrens Fever/Pain Formula – $24.95

Dr. Rydland’s Adult & Childrens Immune Formula –

kidsWellness Pediatrician developed herbal combination designed to enhance the body‘s immune system. Useful for most infections, to prevent illness when exposed, when travelling and to help prepare a child‘s body for a vaccine. Always consult your physician on vaccine timing, preparation and possible side effects. Ask about mercury free vaccines at your doctor‘s office.

Herbal combination designed to enhance the body‘s immune system. Useful for most infections. Dr. Rydland has used this combination of herbs for nearly every type of non-serious infection. We recommend taking it at the beginning of symptoms such as cold, flu, fever, ear infections, viruses etc. (except when the child is vomiting)and as a preventative when exposed to illness or when travelling. In our experience this will both speed up the recovery from the illness and decrease the likelihood of it turning into a more serious infection when taken for an illness. Use as a prevenetative, in our experience, will decrease the likelihood of severe illness and may prevent it. A physician should carefully monitor all infections.


All-Natural Proprietary Blend of organic and Wild-crafted Herbs and Plants: certified organic echinacea angustifolia root, certified organic echinacea purpurea root, certified organic goldenseal root, certified organic pau d’arco bark, certified organic burdock root, certified organic astragalus root, wild-crafted olive leaves in a base of palm glycerin
Suggested Use:
Use the amount listed on the label for weight. We recommend that you use this dose every two to three hours when awake for the first two to three days of an illness. Continue until you are well for at least one day, up to three or four weeks at a time.
Does Not Contain:
Sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, citrus or common allergens, gluten, casein, GMO (genetically modified organisms)

2. Nutrition

Vitamin D3 Formula – by Brighter Horizons

Wellness VeggieFruits Dietary Supplement Powder 285g Made with Organic Ingredients – by Brighter Horizons – $54.99

3. Detoxification/Healthy Skin

4. Digestive Issues

5. Immune Support

6. Ear Care

7. Eye Care


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