Crinum latifolium — also called Crila is a medicinal herb from nature used to treat a number of diseases such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts,… very effective.


‘The king’s herb’


Known as “the king’s herb,” the plant was believed to ease symptoms associated with prostate problems and menopause. Until now, Crila is the first herbal medicine in the world for uterine fibroids in women.

Crinum latifolium, also known as Crila, is an herb once exclusively used by Vietnamese royalty to treat symptoms of prostate discomfort and menopause. Now it is available in the United States, as are many new herbal remedies harvested in Vietnam and other countries.

Crinum Latifolium is a traditional Vietnamese herbal medicine historically used by royalty to enhance longevity.

It is used in Viet Nam for the treatment of a wide variety treatments of serious illnesses, including prostate and ovarian disorders such as prostatitis, adenoma, benign prostate enlargement, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and tumours.

It contains 11 alkaloids and amino acids, steroid saponins and antioxidants; it supports cellular immunity and research shows it to be an effective T-lymphocyte activator.


Crinum latifolium benefits


Crinum Latifolium may be used to help the body promote hypoxia and defeat infection and chronic inflammation.

It also helps with detoxification, regeneration of tissue and hormone balance and is particularly supportive of the prostrate and ovaries.

Be cautious when using Crinum latifolium L. to treat diseases


In the last dozens of years, many people have transmitted the experience to use Crinum latifolium L. plant to prevent and treat benign tumors such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst and breast tumor in women, prostate fibroids in men, as well as malignant tumors like cancer. However, not all people can know about the features of active substances in this plant and how to use it correctly.

We recommend people need to pay special attention to searching for and processing Crinum latifolium L. by themselves so as to ensure therapeutic properties because there is nonhomogeneousness in Crinum population. Be careful with Crinum latifolium L. since there are many Crinum plants looking like Crinum latifolium L. Even the same Crinum latifolium L. having different soil and caring regulations will generate distinct active substances, then different effects.
More remarkably, on the market there are too many supplements which are supposed to be from Crinum latifolium L. Consumers are confused with this maze of products together with ambiguous adverts. Some producers combine Crinum latifolium L. with other herbs without any research on their agreement, harming patients’ health.

Crinum latifolium medicinal uses


The following are some ways of using the Crinum latifolium.

– For fresh leaves: Use about 3 washed leaves to remove dirt. Then give it to the pot with a 3 cup estimate until 1 cup is used. Divided into 3 drinking times during the day.
– For dried leaves: use 20-40g virgin-backed bow to lower Earth, sharp with 1.5 liters of water for about 20 minutes is usable. Divided into 3 drinking times during the day.




– Do not use continuously. Use only 1 week, 1 week rest and reuse.
– Say no to a foul-smelling medicinal herb


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