Erbium laser resurfacing is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment Dr Lanzer provides to his patients. Discover the benefits of this procedure with Dr Lanzer.

Anti-ageing treatments can be surgical or non-surgical in nature, which can have an influence on their suitability for patients.

Which Patients Obtain Erbium Laser Resurfacing?

There are many patients who could potentially benefit from erbium laser resurfacing; this can be explained through the versatility of this treatment.

One of the reasons why patients obtain erbium laser resurfacing is tackling skin abnormalities. It is not uncommon for a patient to encounter blemishes and abnormalities caused by pigmentation, acne, freckles, and even sun damage. For these types of problems with the skin, erbium laser resurfacing can be an option.

Another major reason why patients choose erbium laser skin resurfacing is its anti-ageing benefits. Since the laser focusses on certain layers of the skin, it can be used to create a rejuvenated effect on the face. In fact, laser resurfacing procedures can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While laser resurfacing is commonly obtained as a standalone treatment, it can be combined with surgical procedures as well. The implementation of laser resurfacing during such a procedure depends on the requirements of the patient as well as the nature of the other cosmetic surgery treatment being executed.


The effect of the laser on the skin depends on the type of laser that is being used. To illustrate this, we will take the example of the erbium laser; this is a common type of laser used for laser resurfacing at The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

When an erbium laser is used, it starts to interact with the water that is present inside the skin. By interacting with this water, burns from an erbium laser are less likely. Of course, burns are not beyond the realm of possibility, so patients should take this into consideration when they choose their surgeon. Always choose a surgeon with experience in erbium laser treatment to reduce the chance of this sort of complication.

Laser resurfacing will tackle a specific layer of the skin and will evaporate it. By effectively “damaging” the skin, the body will respond by producing more of the compound collagen. Naturally, collagen is the compound in our skin that keeps the skin smooth and wrinkle-free. So, this reaction is what provides patients with a more rejuvenated appearance after laser rejuvenation.

Will I Experience Any Side-Effects After Laser Resurfacing?

Most patients will experience some side-effects after a laser resurfacing treatment; this since certain layers of the skin are evaporated during the treatment. In most cases, patients experience some discomfort, which is often described as a mild sunburn.

To protect your skin after the treatment, the treatment area will be covered in some thin dressings. Patients will be advised to wear these dressings for a couple of days after the procedure; this will keep the treatment area free from infection and other complications. It is also important to apply the appropriate skincare and protect your skin against sun damage after your treatment.

Patients must also consider that their skin will be somewhat sensitive after the procedure, so ensuring your skin has the proper protection is vital to your recovery. One of the things patients should be especially careful of is direct sunlight. Too much sun exposure could damage the skin or cause complications, so it is necessary to stay out of direct sunlight or provide your skin with adequate protection if you do encounter it. Patients should also remember that certain skin types can be more prone to sun damage than others, so patients should choose a sun lotion with higher SPF if required.

During the initial recovery process, patients should avoid using makeup; this is usually restricted to several days after the procedure. Once the skin had a bit more recovery time, patients can use gentle makeup products on the skin. Ideally, mineral makeup products, since these do not clog the pores.

To ensure you can take the best care of your skin after your treatment, you will be provided with some post-operative guidelines. It is important to follow those post-operative guidelines carefully, as they enhance your recovery and protect your sensitive skin too.

Discover Erbium Laser Resurfacing Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Erbium Laser Resurfacing procedures. Dr Lanzer offers a free no obligation assessment regarding scar treatment and laser resurfacing.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Erbium Laser Resurfacing clinic with Dr Lanzer.

Is Laser Resurfacing A Suitable Treatment For Me?

Most patients are eligible for Erbium laser resurfacing, as it is a relatively simple procedure. Of course, it is always best to speak to Dr Lanzer before you have any kind of procedure. During a medical evaluation, Dr Lanzer can evaluate your skin and your requirements, after which he can provide a suitable treatment option.

Do you want to make an appointment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic for Erbium laser resurfacing in Sydney Melbourne, the cost? If so, feel free to book an appointment via telephone. Simply contact our friendly team of receptionists and they will be more than happy to book you in. Alternatively, if you cannot contact us during business hours, feel free to use the online enquiry form.

How Much Does Laser Resurfacing Cost?

The cost of laser resurfacing can be subject to the type of laser used. Erbium laser removes superficial skin layers, while other devices can penetrate some of the deeper support layers. CO2 lasers and fractional lasers are just some of the alternatives you can encounter.

Cost can also vary by the problem you are trying to treat, e.g. deep lines and severe acne scarring may require more than one treatment.

How Long Does Fractional Laser Resurfacing Last?

Like most laser resurfacing procedures, the results from the treatment are relatively long-term. Of course, laser resurfacing does not stop the natural ageing process, so certain signs of ageing can return over time.

Is Laser Good For Skin?

Laser can benefit you, as it can remove damaged skin layers and reveal a clearer and brighter skin underneath. Of course, laser resurfacing can be even more effective when combined with a good skincare routine and a healthy diet afterwards.

Face Suture Lift

Key Points In Face Suture Lift

• Easily predictable result
• Viable alternative to face lift surgery
• Dr Lanzer’s extensive experience
• Benefits of combining procedures

Suture face-lift procedures are carried out to help rejuvenate the look of the face by lifting excess skin, wrinkles and bags particularly under the chin and along the jawline, at the corners of the mouth and the cheeks.

Dr Lanzer was featured on National TV demonstrating this procedure on patients. He was also interviewed for Woman’s Day Magazine.

With ageing, the skin begins to droop from the facial structures. An option at this point is the “facelift” procedure performed by surgeons. The “facelift” involves the skin being cut and removed from around the ear as well as an undermining of the facial skin and tightening of the underlying muscular and facial tissues. This has a relatively longer recovery, with relatively higher risks. Another less invasive option is the “face skin suture lift”. The “face skin suture lift” was developed by a surgeon in South Africa where the skin alone is elevated and lifted with sutures and a couple of nicks behind the ear. This is less risky with a shorter recovery profile.


The skin suture lift is an appropriate procedure for patients who are not yet ready for face-lift surgery or for patients who have had a face-lift and who want to improve the residual loose or drooping areas that remain or have recurred.

Procedure Technique

With this procedure there is no removal of facial skin. The sutures are made of a prolene material and are placed under the skin and left there long term. After a few weeks, the skin is held in its new position by tissue that forms around the stitches. The procedure can be performed under a local anesthetic or a light general anesthetic. It takes approximately 1 hour.

Small nicks of approximately 1cm are made in the skin in the crease behind the ear. A long needle with the suture is threaded until it reaches the sagging area that is to be lifted. The suture is then placed in this position and elevated to the ear. Dr Lanzer then ties the suture and it is hidden under the skin. Several serial stitches are used to hold the skin in the desired position. A dissolvable suture is used to close each of the nicks behind the ear. These are removed in 5-7 days or may dissolve themselves. A feature of the suture lift is there will initially be a pleat, fold or wrinkle of excess skin in front of the ear. The fold can easily be covered with one’s hair and usually this fold relaxes and settles in the following months. If it does not settle, laser therapy to tighten the skin may be used or very rarely an excision of the excess skin.

Recovery time after the procedure

Recovery after the suture lift procedure is rapid. Patients can usually return to their regular activities the next day although there may be some bruising and swelling around the ear. Some patients experience some pain behind the ears but painkillers prescribed by Dr Lanzer will help this. This usually settles over a few days. Occasionally the ear pain can be more severe and persist longer.

Dr Lanzer recommends the photorejuvenation laser to enhance and lengthen the results of skin suture lift. There is no downtime and should ideally be performed every 2-4 weeks.

Dr Lanzer has performed many hundreds of skin suture lifts and it has shown to be a relatively safe and effective procedure. As with any medical procedure there are some potential risks. These include:

• Wrinkle Fold or dent in front of ears
• Need to repeat procedure to maintain the result
• Swelling, bruising and localised infection
• Pain in ear

The suture lift result may last for years, however they will loosen over time. The face may also continue to sag due to the ageing process. There are no guarantees at this stage as to the length of time the result will last. If you are unhappy with the result, the sutures can be removed or be redone with new sutures by Dr Lanzer. With time, the skin may fix long term in an elevated position, however it is best to expect a maintenance treatment. This is less expensive than the first operation.

Brow Lift

Dr Lanzer used to use the suture lift for a brow lift but has found that sutures do not hold well in this area. Dr Lanzer finds that often when he does blepharoplasty (eye lifting) there is a component of drooping of the brow. It is important in these situations that it is understood that the brow lift will not occur by just removing loose skin on the upper lids. Nevertheless a good result can be obtained with just the laser eye lifting.

There is a suture from Italy that Dr Lanzer does offer for brow lift however Dr Lanzer warns that they are expensive and there is no guarantee how long they last. Brow lift is not an easy area of cosmetic surgery as patients are not always sure they want a full brow lift because there is a risk of a “startled appearance.”

There are other approaches to obtain a brow lift. A filler such as the man made ones or one’s own fat can be injected under the brow to produce a brow lift. Muscles are also very dynamic around the eyes. By using a muscle relaxing injection a brow lift can be achieved as well.

Finally Dr Lanzer’s cosmetic clinic offers lasers and devices to tighten the skin. The latest therapy that the clinic finds that can help with a lift of the brow is the Ulthera Device. This is a deep ultrasound that causes the deep collagen to contract and is applied above the eyebrow.

Combining Procedures

Dr Lanzer often performs liposuction of the neck to enhance the results of the suture lift. He believes that this combination lengthens the overall result. Dr Lanzer may also recommend laser resurfacing around the eyes and mouth as well as fillers in the lips, cheeks and chin and lastly face muscle relaxants to enhance the result.

Discover Suture Lift Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Suture Lift procedures. Occasionally Dr Lanzer recommends a face volume filler to enhance the result.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Suture Lift clinic with Dr Lanzer.

Suture Lift – Advantages

• It’s minimally invasive
• It’s a quick procedure
• It’s essentially a skin procedure only
• Generally low risk of nerve damage
• It’s reversible & adjustable
• Generally little down time
• It may be combined with other procedures
• Generally a predictable result

Suture Lift – Disadvantages

• May not be more long term
• Fold of skin in front of ear – usually temporary
• Tenderness and occasional pain in ear – usually temporary

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is the most suitable candidate for the skin suture lift?

The best patient is someone with jowls, loose skin around the neck and a general saggy appearance to the skin on the face and neck. If the patient also has lots of wrinkles, non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment’s can be combined with a skin suture lift for an improved overall result. Often Dr Lanzer will use the Erbium around the mouth and liposuction of the neck at the same time.

Could I have eye rejuvenation at the same time as a suture lift?

Yes, the best results are achieved when these two procedures are combined.

Will there be scarring after?

During a skin suture lift, nicks are made behind the ear and they are closed with one suture.

When can I return to work?

Patients usually can return to work very quickly but this varies between patients.

Suture LiftIs there any pain?

The procedure is generally not painful, but the ears may be sore.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes around one hour

Do I need to take any medication?

Dr Lanzer prescribes antibiotics to minimise risks

Is the Suture Combined with anything?

Yes, Dr Lanzer likes to do a liposculpture of the neck together as this gives a good support platform. The Liposuction generally lasts for many years. Sometimes Dr Lanzer does a full-face makeover.

Can I do anything to make the result last longer?

Yes, Photorejuvenation lasers help to enhance the result and may also increase the longevity of the result. Dr Lanzer uses either the Revlite / Aura combination once a month or a one-off treatment with the Ultherapy device. These help collagen fixation and healing in the dermis.

Is the procedure good if a person has had a facelift?

Years after a facelift the skin may droop and this can be revised with the suture lift alone.

How does one test their skin to see if the suture lift is appropriate?

Pushing the sides of the cheeks back towards the ear gives a very good indication of how the results will be immediately after the procedure. If you like the way this looks then the suture lift may be an appropriate procedure for you.

All photographs represent one person’s experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients of Dr. Lanzer. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken. Best results are obtained when the procedure is combined with a balanced diet and exercise.

We offer a FREE, No Obligation Cosmetic Surgery Consultation and a detailed explanation of the procedure.

Dr Lanzer can email all patients a detailed consent form that provides information related to the surgery. This information is made available to all patients before surgery, allowing enough time for the patient to ask any questions they may have.

A facelift procedure involves many things, so patients must be informed about their procedure before they go in for their treatment. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, you will receive the necessary information during one of your consultations, but you will also find much information about facelift procedures on our website, which you can go through in your own time before you come in for your initial consultation. By reading this information beforehand, you immediately have a good insight into the treatment and any accompanying questions you may have can be answered by the cosmetic surgeon during your initial consultation. Only when the patient fully understands the procedure, can he or she sign the consent form.

The results obtained from a facelift procedure are different for each patient, because every patient is unique. However, patients can get a better idea of the aesthetic changes the face may undergo because of the procedure by looking at our before and after photographs. These photographs are taken from patients who had a facelift procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, so it is also a representation of procedures executed by Dr Lanzer. Of course, Dr Lanzer can also tell you more about the results you could obtain from the surgical procedure during one of the consultations.


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