Nagomi Spa & Health offers an opportunity to slip out of the daily routine and to take some moments just for you. Nagomi means ‘calm down’ in Japanese and this embodies the essence of the spa. The carefully chosen selection of treatments ensures that you can totally relax. Have a look at the spa menu for an exclusive selection of facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and body treatments with Sothys products from France and

book your favorite treatment.

In addition to your treatment at Nagomi Spa you can also enjoy the facilities of Nagomi Health which is located next to the spa area.


Facials by Sothys
We use Sothys products for all our facial treatments. Having set the standard for
and is used across the globe in renowned beauty salons and spas.
active contour
Eye contour treatment
cucumber extracts is applied for relaxation and anti-stress. The eye contour treatment
is ideal if you’d like to give the area around your eyes some extra attention, but
it can also be combined with other facial treatments.
40 min. € 60
Skin correction treatment
Facial treatment for oily skin
A treatment that is perfect for oily problem skin prone to pimples or impurities. A
four-step treatment with a concentrate of powerful ingredients gives your skin a
deep cleansing. The treatment removes impurities and also includes a cleansing
and soothing mask combined with a massage of your neck, shoulders and
60 min. € 90
Fundamental treatment
Basic treatment for all skin types
This basic treatment is suitable for all skin types. Our skin therapist will determine
cleansing, you will be treated to two deep cleansing treatments to prepare your skin
for the active ingredients of the ampoule. A facial massage and a cream mask follow
to make sure you are completely relaxed. The treatment is rounded off with an eye
treatment, serum, and a face cream perfect for your skin.
90 min. € 135
intensive facial treatments
To ensure the ultimate relaxation of your skin, we use the Digi-Esthétique® method
in our Intensive treatments, a series of facial massage techniques exclusively developed
by Sothys.
Collagene hyaluronique
Firming facial treatment
lines to a minimum. Special massage techniques are used to further strengthen
the skin and this is complemented with a relaxing Digi-Esthétique® massage. The
therapist will follow the massage with a collagen mask to strengthen, calm and
soothe the skin. The program is completed with a serum and face cream suited to
your skin type.
90 min. € 145
Facial hydration
One of the secrets of youthful looking skin is hydration. We offer the Hydradvance
treatment, which uses a concentrate of natural ingredients to boost the skin’s hydration.
This starts with the gommage: the hydra-exfoliator, a deep cleansing agent
with a strong hydrating effect, which leaves the skin smooth and supple. Your skin
is then treated to mask with hydrating nectar and a special massage to activate the
ingredients, followed by a massage with a cream to nourish and hydrate the skin. After
the Digi-Esthétique® facial massage, you are treated to a gentle facial mask to
give you a radiant complexion. The treatment is completed with a serum and cream
suited to your skin type.
90 min. € 145
Eyebrow shaping € 20
Waxing upper lip € 20
Waxing chin € 20
Waxing upper lip and chin € 35
Waxing arms € 40
Waxing lower legs € 50
Waxing full legs € 65
Eyebrow tinting € 20
Eyelash tinting € 20
Tinting eyebrows and lashes € 35
Make up touch up € 25
Complete make up € 50
Body treatments by Sothys
Cleansing and relaxing body treatment
The Hanakasumi is a unique body treatment inspired by Japan. Your treatment starts
with a gommage, scented with cherry blossoms and lotus. And while the gommage
soothes your body, your feet are massaged using special techniques based on the art of shiatsu massage. The gommage is removed using a gentle exfoliating glove
and the treatment is completed with a relaxing body massage.
60 min. € 135
oriental ceremony
Cleansing and relaxing herbal therapy
The Oriental ceremony treatment is inspired by the scents and herbs of the Middle
East. Warm oriental spices are combined with the freshness of citrus to provide a
relaxing sensation and calm the senses. The program includes a body scrub with an
intensive gommage based on ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg that will leave your skin
velvety smooth. For the massage, we use hot stones wrapped with in a herb compress.
The warm oils infuse the body with relaxing scents and warmth during the massage.
60 min. € 135

Hands and feet
Cosmetic hand treatment
This manicure treatment is an ideal way to return your hands and nails to top condition.
The nails are shaped and the cuticles softened and gently pushed back. Your
hands are given a soothing massage with a nourishing hand cream. The relaxing
massage ensures that the active ingredients are absorbed into the skin.
30 min. € 45
Cosmetic hand treatment plus
This manicure is the same as the basic cosmetic hand treatment. In addition, our
therapist will varnish your nails in a colour of your choice.
40 min. € 60
Cosmetic foot treatment
The therapist will cut and shape your nails and treat your cuticles, as well as removing
any hard skin. Your feet will also be treated to a scrub and a relaxing massage
with a nourishing foot cream.
40 min. € 60
Cosmetic foot treatment plus
This treatment is the same as the basic cosmetic foot treatment. In addition, our
therapist will also varnish your toe nails in a colour of your choice.

60 min. € 75

Special treatments for men
Sothys facial for men
A man’s needs are different from a woman’s when it comes to skin and body care and foremost practical and multifunctional. The facial treatment for men starts with
a 3-in-1 product that acts as a mask and cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The product
is left on the skin while you are treated to a relaxing scalp massage with a hair
lotion. Once the Digi-Esthétique® massage techniques have given you a sense of
deep relaxation, we apply a cream mask for extra skin care. The treatment is completed
with a serum and cream suited to your skin type.
75 min. € 105
Cosmetic hand treatment shaped, while your cuticles will be softened and carefully groomed. The treatment
is completed with a massage using a hand treatment cream.
30 min. € 45
relaxed feet treatment pampered and relaxed quickly. The treatment treats your feet to a special scrub and
a massage. An ideal option after a long day of standing or meetings.
30 min. € 45
Cosmetic foot treatment
30 min. € 45
Cosmetic foot treatment
During this treatment, the therapist will model your toe nails, groom cuticles and
remove hard skin. To create the ultimate feeling of relaxation, your feet are then
treated to a scrub and a massage with a nourishing foot cream.
45 min. € 60

All our packages include use of the facilities of Nagomi Health and you can add an
and room rates, please contact our reservation desk: + 31 (0)20 6787 441.
Pre-cocktail package
The pre-cocktail package is the perfect preparation for a special night out. The team
of Hotel Okura Amsterdam offers you a complete package to prepare for an unforgettable
– Lunch with Bento box at the Serre Restaurant or Yamazato Restaurant
– Choice of Hydravance or Collagene Hyaluronique facial treatment (90 min.)
– Cosmetic manicure or pedicure treatment (60 min.)
– Hanakasumi body treatment (60 min.)
– Complete face make up (30 min.)
€ 399 per person
Detox package
The treatments in the detox package focus entirely on health and renewed energy.
An ideal choice for complete relaxation and a welcome break from the demands of
everyday lieveryday life.
– A healthy bento box lunch at the Serre Restaurant
– Honey: Anti-oxidant therapy (100 min.)
€ 179 per person
nagomi package
This package puts the emphasis on the Okura Hotel’s Japanese roots and takes
meaning of the Japanese word Nagomi (calm down) during a day of pampering and
– Lunch with Bento box at the Yamazato Restaurant
– Hanakasumi body treatment (60 min.)
– Shiatsu therapy (60 min.)
€ 249 per person

Jet lag program
on the best times to sleep and wake, relax in a hot bath or take some exercise at Nagomi
Health. If your room rate does not include access to Nagomi Health, we charge
extra for this service. You can also use the Philips Bright Light Energy & Jet Lag
Fighter lamp, which provides extra daylight 24 hours a day. We will also give you
advice on the optimum use of the lamp, so you feel reinvigorated as quickly as posVLEOH&HUWDLQLQJUHGLHQWVLQ
composed an optional Jetlag breakfast and dinner, which can be ordered via Room



Nagomi Spa opens from noon to 8.00 pm from Tuesday to Friday and from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm on weekends. The spa is closed on Monday.