Mindfulness practice has become an increasingly popular topic among business leaders. So what is mindful leadership?

mindfulness meditation for leaders is more and more important

mindfulness meditation for leaders is more and more important/ Ph: Pexels

Benefits of mindfulness for leaders

In recent months, many executives from well-known corporations have publicly shared how mindfulness practices helps them increase corporate profits. Many of the typical names of businessmen who have been practicing meditation such as Mark Bertolini – CEO of Aetna, Marc Benioff – CEO of Salesforce.com, Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos.com, etc.
Last week, Khajax Keledjian, CEO of Intermix, revealed the secret to manipulating peace of mind within the Wall Street Journal. Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post newspaper, also shared her mindfulness in her new book, “Thrive,” which was released this week.

In his blog, Huffington wrote: “There is nothing too pressing about increasing profits in business. The economy is now relatively difficult.. mindfulness exercises to reduce stress and apply mindfulness meditations will not only make us happier and healthier but also give businesses a competitive edge if they want to. ”
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The risk of being attacked and ridiculed

Even though mindfulness meditation and aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety are entering the mainstream of society, many organizations and businesses are still concerned about being attacked and ridiculed when directly connected to an ancient Buddhist practice method like that.
Both these seemingly very different areas have a long history of sticking together. In California, where many technology corporations are gathered, mindfulness has been a part of this city’s lifestyle for decades. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Group, also loves Zen in Buddhism.
When leaders and employees begin to learn mindfulness meditation for a calmer and clearer mind, they will experience joy, happiness, and transformation. Then they can find themselves an inspiration, a new aspiration. Fame, authority, and money are unlikely to bring them true happiness compared to choosing a way in which they can take care of their health. And mindfulness meditation for leaders is more and more important in a severely competition business environment as nowadays.

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