Hair transplant

Say goodbye to baldness once and forever!

Dr. Urtis Clinic, Hair transplant Milan and Rome. Looking for a qualified hair transplant center? Dr. Giacomo Urtis and his team of professionals are at your complete disposal. Transplant and hair thickening to feel safer and more beautiful. The different techniques of hair transplantation to combat baldness and solve imperfections that can create discomfort and

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation surgery has improved remarkably in the past decade and reassuringly the days of “plugs and corn rows” are gone. Instead, HairCareMD creates natural appearing hairlines with a technique called follicular unit transplantation. Hair transplant is an excellent, maintenance-free form of hair restoration for both men and women. Transplants can lower the hairline, reinforce

Hair Loss

In fact genetic male hair loss is by far the most common condition that PHP Health First deal with. Having treated many males who suffer with male hair loss, we have proven that most men who use our services’s prescription courses will experience hair loss stabilisation and varying degrees of hair regrowth in a reasonably


Thick, luxurious hair is a natural attribute of youth. It can also be an expression of personal style and identity. That’s why when the hairline begins to recede or hair thins and falls out, the entire appearance may suffer, not to mention self-confidence. There are several reasons for hair loss, although the most common one


Have you noticed a significant difference in your hairline because of hair loss? Is your thinning hair getting harder & harder to style? Are you ready to learn about the newest hair replacement technique? Hair loss is a common issue all over the world, but coping with hair loss & thinning hair is an extremely