cereneo is one of the world’s leading clinics in the field of stroke, trauma and brain disease rehabilitation. Our patients receive a personally tailored treatment plan, including the latest therapy methods and innovative technology.

Outcomes in stroke rehabilitation depend on motivation

Every stroke rehabilitation programme is a long journey, but patients can utilise their full recovery potential and reach their goals faster, if they are motivated!

A neurorehabilitation programme can feel like training for a marathon. It is exhausting. Sometimes even painful. And it is likely that the patient’s motivation weakens after a while. This is why we optimised our training programme to make it as effective and as pleasant as possible.  We support the motivation of our patients by providing feedback about improvements, by giving specific rewards and by creating a joyful environment. However, we will always put your progress first, even if it is hard for you – we will convince you not to lose focus on long-term and sustainable goals.

More therapists mean more support to reach your goals

Compared to other stroke rehabilitation clinics, patients at cereneo can rely on more nurses and therapists who care for them. Our clinic has 3 times as many therapists as patients. This means that we are able to provide more one-on-one therapy and can react quickly to the patient’s needs.

We turn research into practice

cereneo cooperates with the University of Zurich, the cereneo Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (cefir) and a network of international partners to conduct clinical and basic research in the field of neurorehabilitation. Innovative diagnostic testing and analysis of neurological deficits are researched and new therapeutic approaches and devices are tested. Based on our research expertise we use a scientific approach to clinical neurorehabilitation, that is, to first understand the patient’s deficit, then treat it specifically and continuously test whether the treatment works.

An interdisciplinary concept for the best possible recovery

The cereneo treatment concept is based on interdisciplinary collaboration combining personalised and highly intense treatment, using innovative technology and including the patient’s social environment.

Stroke, trauma or brain disease can affect one or several of your brain functions – such as speech, movement and attention. cereneo provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program that allows patients to get better in all areas.


The key components of stroke recovery

Movement therapy
Movement therapy

Mobility, balance and arm/hand function mean independence and ensure a high quality of life. That is why movement therapy (physiotherapy & occupational therapy) is an integral part of any stroke recovery treatment. We combine different training methods with high-tech equipment to achieve the best for our patients.

Speech therapy
Speech- and language therapy

Language is a highly complex brain function and so are the different deficit patterns. Each pattern requires specific training. Swallowing is a function essential to one’s quality of life and well-being. We analyse our patients’ deficits, so that the speech therapist can implement the best possible training concept and adequate dietary intake.


Any brain injury can reduce the ability to pay attention, to memorise and to think and plan ahead. We use, examine and train all the so-called higher cognitive functions such as abstract reasoning, memory, spatial imagination and attention. The training uses computer based exercises or daily life situation base on the patient’s interests and needs.

Additional Services


We provide multiple services that address additional problems and requirements patients and their relatives might have. At cereneo, you may receive dedicated nursing care for all care levels, nutritional advice, social counseling and supporting therapies such as brain stimulation.

The latest technology in stroke recovery

Our  neurorehabilitation clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art movement analysis, robotic systems and other innovative devices to complement the hands-on training with the therapist.

Robotics stroke recovery- Indego by Parker Hannifin

Indego® Exoskeleton by Parker Hannifin

This wearable leg Exoskeleton allows patients with brain or spinal cord injuries to walk while the legs are being moved by the robot. This trains balance and lower limb function.

Robotics stroke recovery- ArmeoPower by Hocoma

Armeo® Power by Hocoma

This arm exoskeleton helps impaired patients to train their arm movement by assisting with force or coordination.

Robotics stroke recovery- ZeroG by Aretech

ZeroG® by Aretech

This innovative over-ground gait training tool helps to train mobility and balance. Dynamic partial body weight support (DBWS) reduces the risk of falling whilst offering the patient a real world experience.

Technology- Split-belt treadmill
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