Health and Wellbeing retreat in Spain

If you have a busy life, with lots of demands on your time, then this is the place for you to relax and rejuvenate. Our relaxation retreat has been designed to help you to release tension and to calm down your mind and body quickly and with ease. Many guests come for the healthy and

Luxury Medical Wellness and Detox Retreat package for Men (7 days)

Escape the stress of everyday life, forget about all your ongoing duties and start to become aware of your own body, mind and soul. Experience recovery, acquire new energy, obtain health. It’s time for wellness, it’s time for more vitality… “Health travel” or “health holidays” are not just a modern trend of the new generation. Treatments with a


Give us 33 days to change your body: To teach you how to train and eat better To achieve the body you’ve always wanted To bring us the body you have and to leave with the body that you WANT. The “CHALLENGE 33” includes: -Personal training sessions of 30 minutes -Unlimited access to our gym