Offers for luxury retreats in Italy

ENCHANTING AUTUMN Lake Como is never more enchanting than at the changing of the seasons with our special autumn rate. Watch warm-toned villages blend into the evolving backdrop of crimson, amber and yellow until they become part of nature itself. Bewitching… THE PACKAGE INCLUDES Luxury accommodation of your choice at a special rate Daily buffet

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Anti Ageing packages  Bronze – 3 areas of Antiwrinkle Injections PLUS 1 syringe of Dermal Filler – £300 (saving £120) Silver – 3 areas of Antiwrinkle Injections PLUS 2 syringes of Dermal Filler – £400 (saving £200) Gold – 3 areas of Antiwrinkle Injections PLUS 4 syringes of Dermal Filler – £580 (saving £420) Celebrity

Special Offers in Essex & London

PRP ‘DRACULA’ FACIAL 10% DISCOUNT £349 The perfect skin rejuvenation treatment to give you that airbrushed glow to your skin. Also helps improve skin concerns such as acne scarring. DERMAPLANING TREATMENT FROM £80 Remove surface dead skin cells and vellous ‘peach fuzz’ hair on the face with this popular treatment. VAGINAL REJUVENATION 3RD TREATMENT FREE

20% off

Paired Offer 20% off for joint (paired) IV’s or combine with another product, for example: Dermaplaning or Botox, Also 20% off! Skin Clarifying Offer Sign up to Skin Clarifying Course (6 Weeks Duration) and get the last 2 treatments absolutely free! About Tranquil Aesthetics Clinic Tranquil Aesthetics is a private clinic in a delightful, secluded

EXILIS Skin Tightening

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, comfortable and safe solution for achieving a youthful and smooth skin appearance all-year-round, EXILIS skin tightening can treat all areas of the face and body. The BTL EXILIS Ultra 360™ works by delivering ultrasound and radiofrequency simultaneously into the epidermis. Controlled heating and cooling ensures that energy is delivered to


What is Dermaroller? Dermaroller is a form of micro needling using a precise hand-held needling tool. The needles come in a variety of depths depending on the area your treating and the severity of the skin issue. This treatment uses a variety of serums to suit your skin concern which are infused into the skin