Live Laugh Love Wall Decor

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With this live laugh and love wall decor piece, you can add some love and character to your home decor!

The wonderful thing about this live laugh love quotes wall decor is that it expresses a sentiment that can be very personal to you and your family. Its wood appearance on flower corner design make it really stand out as a unique piece of home decor. In addition, its triptych style, or set of 3 canvases, make it the perfect size to fit over a large kitchen table or couch!

But, what comes to mind when you think about the phrase, “Live, Laugh, Love?”

Live Laugh Love 3 piece wall decor is a wonderful way to welcome guests and family members alike to your home! These 3 simple words and their presence in your home has the potential to create a change in an individual’s mindset.

When you think about it, what is the alternative? To not live, laugh, and love? Life is too short to do anything but live, laugh and love. After all, you only live once, laughing makes it bearable, and love makes it worthwhile.

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