Nowadays, Cosmetic surgery procedures, especially eyelid surgery procedures have become more common. It is true to say that everyone wants to have perfect eyes and there are numerous people have chosen eyelid surgery to complete the beauty of their eyes. However, not all ages are consistent with this aesthetic process.


Eyelid surgery has become popular / Ph: Dr. Moore

An aesthetic method to improve the beauty of the eyes

In fact, age-related changes are one of the benefits of eyelid surgery. Dr. Christopher Zoumalan, Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon, said that many patients mistakenly believed that blepharoplasty is used exclusively to smooth wrinkles and give sagging skin a ‘lift”-but the fact was that women and men of all ages could benefit from eyelid surgery depending on their unique concerns.

Methods such as injecting fillers based on hyaluronic acid and Botox for eye area have become very popular. However, in some cases, surgery may help patients save more and more effectively. Dr. Christopher Zoumalan said that he did not jump to operate on younger patients, but if a comprehensive exam suggests they were a good candidate, he would recommend surgery. Oftentimes, non-surgical treatments did not solve the underlying problem, but rather act as a Band-Aid for the issue-and could lead to further problems.

Is there an ideal age for eyelid surgery?

In fact, age does not affect the surgical procedure. However, younger patients often think that they are not suitable for surgical procedures. Dr. Zoumalan said that this was when he explain that modern advances in eyelid surgery had allowed for quick recovery with minimal pain and natural-looking results. Most patients who require eyelid surgery (plastic surgery) are usually older- they want to reverse the aging process. This is not entirely true.

Overall, performing eyelid surgery to improve the beauty of eyes is a good idea. However, not everyone is suitable for this process. Cosmetic surgeons often advise patients to undergo eyelid surgery when they are over 18 years old.