Like Hot Drink, Have Hot Matcha Latte, Like Cold Drink With Cold Matcha Latte. We Will Show You How To Mix Matcha Green Tea Powder Into 2 Types Of Matcha Latte As Above

Using green tea to drink is very good for health, just put green tea leaves in hot water, we have a cup of green tea quality and can be used immediately. But if used like this will create boring and even impossible to take advantage of the nutrients in green tea leaves due to the cooking process in boiling water.

So matcha green tea powder was born so that we can “change” many different delicious food and drink as well as take advantage of all the nutrients that green tea brings.

Matcha latte is one of the popular drinks made from matcha green tea powder and is loved by many young people because of its delicious taste, beautiful colors and sweet taste. Like hot drinks, have hot matcha latte, cold drinks with cold matcha latte. We will guide you how to mix matcha green tea powder into 2 types of matcha latte as above. Just 10 minutes, you can give yourself a delicious matcha latte.


How to make matcha green tea powder into hot matcha latte?


How to Make Matcha Green Tea Powder into A Delicious Drink?hot matcha latte


3 grams of Japanese matcha green tea powder

200ml of fresh milk

15ml sugar water or 5g granulated white sugar

50ml boiled hot water


Put hot water in a glass and gradually matcha green tea powder later. Use a Chasen broom or spoon to stir the matcha completely.
Heat fresh milk or heat with a coffee maker.
Put the heated fresh milk in the dissolved matcha glass above.
Add sugar / granulated sugar to glass and stir well.
Pour some fresh milk onto the surface to create whatever you like, you’ve got a delicious hot matcha latte and enjoy every morning.


How to make matcha green tea powder into cold matcha latte?


How to Make Matcha Green Tea Powder into A Delicious Drink?cold matcha latte


You can make a delicious iced matcha latte for your loved ones or loved ones. The sweetness and the faint aroma of matcha powder will make the connection more loving.

Prepare materials:

2 teaspoons Japanese matcha green tea powder

500ml of fresh milk

3 teaspoons of granulated white sugar

Cold crushed ice


Put matcha green tea powder, fresh milk and granulated sugar in a blender then puree.

Add crushed ice to the appliance and continue to grind until a smooth mixture is formed.

Pour it into a glass and enjoy with your family after the meal so everyone can talk together.

How to make matcha green tea powder is quite simple, right? You can do it now. But first look for a quality and reputable matcha green tea powder product to ensure the full flavor of green tea.