How to Invest in Homestay effectively?

As one of the hottest accommodation service business models today, don't ignore the homestay investment experience if you really want to try.

Investments like real estate are always attractive to investors because of their diversity and attractiveness in profits.  In the past, when it comes to real estate, we often think of land investment, townhouse investment.  Currently when the market and the needs of buyers grew, more choices began to appear, such as: shophouse investment, hotel investment, apartment investment, suburban land investment, ..

Homestay is a new model, which can be seen as a trend, a travel trend of young people.  This model has quickly received great attention and acceptance since its appearance.  Therefore, many individuals boldly change direction and choose to be a profitable tool.  The potential from homestay is real, in terms of future, there are still many opportunities for breakthrough. However, how to make an effective and stable profit from homestay, not everyone has enough experience and understanding of the market to confidently assert.

If you are looking to learn about the homestay investment model, the below information will definitely be useful for your upcoming business plan.

I- Advantages of investing in homestay

Homestay is the choice of many opportunities in the future.

The appearance and popularity of homestays in the past few years shows that the attraction of this Investment model is not small, based on young people's backpacking trend.  Talking about the need for travel experiences, it is certainly difficult for any type of accommodation to usurp the homestay.  Because of its uniqueness, difference and keeping up with the trend well, so homestay is highly appreciated for its long-term development potential.  

In the future, people will tend to choose services associated with nature, culture and living environment, combining learning, experience and rest and relaxation.

How to Invest in Homestay effectively?

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According to experts, homestay has now blossomed in many regions, localities strong in tourism and emerging localities.  The homestay business does not attract professional units, but mainly those with little capital, local people, and investors who want more tools to make money; 

Because this market is although potential but small.  Although the profit when compared to hotels and resorts will not be equal, but the costs are reasonable, the source of income can be improved when taking advantage of other services.

1- Small investment capital and easy to mobilize

Among the types of accommodation business, homestay is a model that requires relatively little initial capital, which is much more advantageous, depending on available Investors’ conditions. Therefore, it is not difficult to mobilize capital, use loans from relatives, friends, banks, or accumulate, capital contribution, etc.

2- Fast payback time

The time for the process from homestay renovation to homestay operation is very quick, about 2 weeks to 1 month, unless new construction on a large scale, it will need more time.  Investment is quick, generating revenue is equally fast, this is a big plus for the homestay Investment model.

3- Financial freedom

When the homestay comes into operation with a stable number of guests, familiar with the way of operation, the business will follow the flow and bring a steady and attractive passive income.  Many people fall in love with homestay investment as an extra income but then become to stick with it for a long time.

II- Challenges when investing in homestay

1- The market is becoming more and more competitive

Although the demand for homestay accommodation is currently very large, but before the appeal of this model, more and more individuals and businesses are participating in the market, pushing up the competition rate.  This is an inevitable consequence when investment trends become prevalent, placing stricter requirements on quality, uniqueness and price suitability.

2- Old customers are hard to keep

The target audience and choice of homestay are very diverse, but most of them are young people, their characteristics are love to explore and experience, like new and different things.  Therefore, when choosing a homestay, this group of customers rarely comeback many times but will give priority to other homestays.  This means that, in order to keep customers, homestay owners must make great efforts in improving quality and service, creating their own mark in the hearts of customers.  Not coming back but if the homestay is good, they are still willing to recommend to friends and relatives.

3- Remote management can cause loss of revenue

Not all homestay owners have the time to monitor the entire business process, be directly present for regular management, not to mention the case where the homestay is located in a locality different from the host’s residence or working places. Therefore, it is imperative to hire others to replace themselves when necessary, and often the priority of the locals.

It sounds simple, but in reality, this remote management way is very risky.  It will be difficult for you to know if manager and staffs at the homestay are honest in the matter of collecting room fees or not.  However, you can still overcome it by using smart management forms such as magnetic locks.  Customers can only enter the room when there is a key generated and monitored by the software; The receptionist is required to enter information into the software, so it is difficult to cheat.  This is not only an effective solution to avoid loss of revenue but also brings a professional image to the homestay in the eyes of customers, especially foreign tourists.

4- Trouble comes from the landlord

This situation is very likely to happen when you are not the owner of the house but invest in the form of a leaseback.  If in the process of signing and agreeing to a lease contract, the parties are not clear, you may cope with risk as landlord reclaims the house. 

5- Guest reviews are inaccurate at the homestay

Guest reviews for homestays are very important and have a significant influence on the brand and reputation of the homestay.  The fact that tourists leave bad reviews, low star rates really cause a headache for homestay owners;  The following customers will rely on this to decide whether to book or not.  Certainly, the efficiency of homestay business will be significantly reduced.

6- Risks from tenants

Not always tenants have conscious to use homestay for tourism and experience purposes.  In many cases, groups of guests rented for the purpose of using stimulants.  If this is detected, the homestay owner will have to bear a large responsibility.

Homestay owners share a few experiences to avoid this risk:

You should avoid groups of guests booking 1-2 days

Need to declare temporary residence and sign a rental agreement for the purpose of staying (avoid prosecution of harboring crimes)

Refuse if there are suspicious characteristics that need censorship (fake things, check rooms, ...)

Monitor booking blacklist to identify risky guest groups 

Moreover, another group of unwanted guests that homestay owners must be wary of is virtual guests, horizontal cancellations, and irresponsibility.

Not only homestays, but many other accommodation services are very easy to encounter these cases, which both take time and effort and cause loss of revenue:

Guests book and cancel continuously to reduce prices,

Guests cancel the room before check-in time,

Guests who book without payment but do not come... is the combo that makes the hosts the most frustrated which have just wasted time and effort and lost revenue.

III- What to prepare before investing in homestay?

1- Choose land to invest

Apply for investors to build new homestay or choose other business locations where they live, not taking advantage of existing houses.  The choice of land for homestay investment is also based on the basic principles in real estate in general, and meets the specific characteristics of this type.

2- Identify your own abilities and needs

Before you want to start looking for land to invest in, you need to clearly define issues related to your ability including your strengths, desires, financial limits;  then consider the proposed homestay model.  From these bases, begin to geographically define and set the appropriate selection criteria.

Each model will need a different area, land terrain as well as different personal abilities, for example:

Homestay combines with health care will be suitable for those who have knowledge about medicinal herbs, health, spa, …

Homestay combines meditation/yoga need fresh air, large area to create landscape, quiet, privacy

Farmstay combines with education should choose a place not too far from the center because most of guests are families with small children, groups of students, etc. need convenient transportation.

3- Good location 

The trend of current tenants is to prefer places with beautiful, airy and convenient spaces. 

Homestay location should near residential areas, urban centers, city centers.

This factor refers to convenience and comfort because when close to the center, access to amenities such as shopping mall, health care, education, culture, entertainment will be easy and convenient.  

Most of the homestay's guests work in cities and want to choose a place to rest on weekends and holidays, so the short distance to densely populated places will be of interest to them.  If following the farm model, investors will reduce the cost of storage and transportation.

If you choose the land near the water source, it will be ideal to exploit the resort value and the landscape. 

Homestay should close to the road.  This is understood as the location near the main roads, inter-provincial roads, national highways.  Furthermore, you should consider the following factors: the entrance is not too far and twisty;  enough width to let cars in and out;  roads with hard or upgradeable foundations, avoiding dangerous muddy roads in the rainy season, etc.

Along with that, the homestay model is an experience together.  Therefore, in addition to the terrain from the perspective of feng shui, it is also necessary to meet the purely indigenous element.

4- Legal issues

In order for the investment and operation of the homestay to be smooth, from the very beginning, the legality of the land needs to be ensured.  Usually large areas of land, enough to build homestays, landscape systems, gardens, etc., are agricultural land.  If people are staying, it's okay to do a few more rooms for rent.  However, if you want to increase the room size, you must change the land use purpose, environmental impact assessment, construction permit, etc.

Legally land is land that meets the following requirements:

Have a certificate of land use right 

No dispute, still within the land use term.

Eligibility to be able to permit construction of works on land (land for planting trees, forest land and agricultural land according to the provisions of the Law is not allowed to build).

Possibility of converting land use purposes (in line with local land use plans).

Regarding legal matters, homestay investors should research carefully, ask for information at local land management agencies, reputable sources, should not be too dependent on brokers, realtors, etc.  

5- Consider the land zone’s natural competitive potential

A land plot worth considering for homestay investment should have available natural elements that can develop into competitive advantages, factors that not only bring landscape to the land but can also create different experience activities for homestay.

Moreover, it is necessary to consider the harmony of the homestay model with the general scene in the area, keeping the natural features of the landscape but still ensuring the comfort factor;  there are enough places to sleep, eat, play and experience with local people.

Some natural factors can be exploited into accompanying services for homestay:

Natural forest: biodiversity model, camping in the forest.

- Natural lake: fishing, boating services.

Indigenous cultural elements: experience cooking, making handicrafts, learning folk art forms,..

Land area size, quiet and fresh space: combining meditation, yoga,...

Planting medicinal plants: medicinal sauna massage services, herbal leaf baths, etc.

The competitive potential of the land plot plays an important role in the homestay investment plan.  Not only creating an initial impression, but also determining the ability to develop further for the model, because the later, the needs and requirements of customers are set higher.

6- Local human resources to support the operation

There are many misconceptions that homestay investment can start from a small scale, so there is little focus on preparation and selection of foundational factors.  This inadvertently puts investors at risk, having to quit halfway or even sell the project cheaply.  Running a homestay project is not only about enthusiasm, but also needs to be qualified, knowledgeable about the locality, have foreign languages, as well as understand the travel trends of guests.

The investor can arrange about the capital but cannot manage and ensure the landscape elements and the property is always in the best state.  Therefore, using local human resources is the first option worth considering, maintaining homestay activities with the most optimal personnel costs.  Indigenous people will have advantage of local knowledge and ability for long-term commitment.

7- Choosing Homestay design idea

Why is it the same homestay, but there are places that attract guests and others that don't?  In addition to a beautiful location, many tourists accept going further for what reason?  Sure, it depends on homestay design.  The common psychology of tenants, homestays with unique, new and different features is always prioritized to choose.

There are many design ideas today for investors to choose from, depending on the budget, target model and landscape factors, local culture.  Here are some popular homestay styles today.

Classic Vintage Style

Perhaps in today's modern life, finding traditional values ​​and old colors is a popular trend, reflecting the sophisticated aesthetic taste as well as the depth of the soul of tourists.  As the name suggests, this style homestay in every corner carries the breath of the old days, with a bit of classic mixed with romance, warmth, and rustic.

Natural style 

Natural or green living is a concept that refers to a green homestay design style, close to nature.  What this style brings to guests is the familiar, comfortable, fresh and green color, helping to relieve stress and fatigue after tiring working days.  Homestay in a natural style will prioritize materials such as wood, bamboo, palm leaves, etc. to design and decorate the space.

Some popular natural homestay models today can be mentioned as: tree house, capsule, sea view leaf roof, stilt house...

Unique blend of retro style

As a seemingly improvised yet subtle mix of modern and classic elements, in a lively, slightly quiet, nostalgic;  never feels boring.  This is definitely a style that brings an unique and unforgettable experience to young travelers.  This style has a variety of decoration and placement ideas, creating a multi-dimensional interior space effect.

Exquisite with delicate Scandinavian style

Scandinavian is a style with white as the main color, with an unique blend of minimalism - convenient functionality, modern beauty and closeness to nature.  Because of the uniform color scheme from the walls to blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses or curtains, wardrobes, etc., this homestay style evokes a feeling of purity, lightness and sophistication.  Scandinavian style is not only popular with young people but also middle-aged and older customers.

Cozy Rustic style

Rustic style is one of the design styles with bold simplicity, rustic, bringing warmth, comfort, elegance to the living space.  This model is simple but highly applicable, suitable for spaces that are not too large.  With limited area but still want to have its own highlight, Rustic style is the perfect choice for homestays.

Common features are simple pallet beds, wooden bunk beds, ... combined with raw stone, fabric, large window frames and natural colors.  There will be many impressive check-in background for visitors.

Brilliant and personality Bohemian style 

This style always stands out thanks to the appearance of sophisticated decorative motifs such as brocade patterns or tassels;  especially on pillowcases, blankets, walls, floors, stairs or even familiar hammocks.  This style evokes a liberal, free and creative lifestyle.  However, when designing, you should consider and choose accent details to avoid creating a confusing feeling.

Fresh with Minimalist style

Minimalist is a style that follows minimalism, but by using the dominant white tone, it brings a fresh, neat, modern and optimal feeling in terms of space.  This style will eliminate almost all unnecessary items, the room seems to be monotonous but in fact, it has a scientific layout, returning the liberality and freedom.  This style favors natural colors and light source..

Industrial style 

Just like the name of this style, Industrial homestays are buildings with a design that simulates the image of factories, workshops or production areas, but in an artistic perspective, featuring strong, definitive lines, exuding simplicity and dynamism, modernity.

The main color tone of this style is white - gray - black - brown ... or more innovative with unfinished walls, unique and strange decor, although it looks messy and dilapidated, but it's actually a deliberate, bold and alluring arrangement.

Furthermore, homestays can also combine many design styles to add an impression, but it is necessary to consider the harmony factor, such as Industrial with Rustic, Scandinavian or Minimalism;  Should avoid combining with Vintage or Bohemian.

IV- Other important notes when investing in homestay

For the most effective plan, do not ignore the homestay investment experiences drawn from the following practices.  Although it may be small details in the whole, it has a great influence on the image, quality, and revenue for the homestay model.

1- Efficient use of capital

Depending on the business purpose, the capital invested can range from low to high.  In the process of operation, there will certainly be many costs incurred, investors need a loss compensation at the beginning.

2- Take the time to do market research

Not only homestay investment, to be successful with any business, investors also need to research the market thoroughly. Particularly, the homestay market is becoming more and more competitive.

Researching the homestay market basically requires data on:

Target customers: who are they, how old are they, what are their interests, where they live, what are their needs, etc.

The number of existing homestays in the deployment area, how does it work, and what is the competitive rate?

How is the overall trend of the market changing?

Survey of guests’ expected price level

Have there been any changes in the policies and regulations on homestays, ..?

Effective homestay management tools,…

Investors with enough information will know how to choose a design plan as well as complete the legal documents, manage and operate the homestay in the best way.

3- Recruiting quality manager and staff team for homestay

Whether small or large, homestays must have a manager and support staff, especially for those who do not have much time. The staff team will be an integral part of the reputation and quality of the homestay.  Priority should be given to hiring people with experience, expertise, enthusiasm and long-term commitment to the job.  In the service industry, the attitude of employees is extremely important.

4- Respect credibility and integrity in business

Experts in the field of real estate said that nowadays, many homestay owners often post on advertising channels pictures of homestays that are too shimmering, different from what they actually own.  Maybe the homestay owner has not thought too far, just thinks that this way will attract more customers.  However, this will lead to loss of trust and not very positive feedback, making old customers not want to visit again and new customers are also hesitant.

For long-term investment, investors should not do seasonal things.

5- Find customers from many different channels

To increase business efficiency, homestay investors can take advantage of many customer sources in many channels such as from travel companies;  source of old customers, community living together... This way helps to increase the number of guests as well as maintain a stable customer source. Particularly, must retain guests by the difference in the case there are many similar investment models in the same area.

6- Constantly upgrading uniqueness of experience

Many investors put money into homestay because of the trend, following the trend but forgetting the features of this Investment model.  Why do many tourists refuse hotels and resorts to find homestays?  Certainly because they want to have an authentic, true experience with travel and discover new things, closer to the local culture.  Many homestay owners pay attention to reducing prices to attract guests but are not interested in upgrading the things that customers really care about.

How to Invest in Homestay effectively?
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The principle for an effective and sustainable homestay business is to provide visitors with new and unique experiences, always learning and changing accordingly.  Models such as picking fruits or cooking with the ingredients they have harvested by hand have helped many homestays make a profit.

7- Always appreciate the human factor

Homestay is not only an environment, but also a bridge between people and people.  According to longtime experts, it must always be remembered that people are the most important factor in homestay investment.  Therefore, personnel with good foreign languages ​​is an advantage, no matter how much automation is, it cannot replace practical cohesion. Besides, homestay service staffs also need to have their own talents, so as to create a feeling of familiarity and closeness like a family.  This is also a factor to consider when hiring managers and employees.

8- Invest in the kitchen

Unlike luxury hotels and resorts, homestays have a cozy space thanks to comfortable experiences like at home, most notably cooking by yourself.  Therefore, a beautiful and fully equipped kitchen is also a way to score points with guests.  The kitchen is a place that clearly shows the family atmosphere as well as the typical culture of the region.  Do not hesitate to invest in the kitchen of the homestay.

9- Use management software

Usually, small-scale homestay owners (about a few rooms) often do not think that it is necessary to use management software.  However, this is the wrong view and makes the model difficult to be professional.

First of all, using software helps to optimize the efficiency of remote management for homestays that cannot be available 24/24 and have to hire a manager.  Second, using software helps save time, improve synchronization and create a professional image in the eyes of guests. With large-scale homestays, this is even more indispensable.

Do not ignore the useful homestay investment experiences above to get success in this market.


How to start Homestay Business?

If you are wondering How to start homestay business?  What ned to prepare when doing Homestay Business? Then keep reading to have information.

1- Capital

There is no specific figure on starting business capital depending on the different business purposes of each person.  Besides, homestay Investors may have to spend money to compensate for losses in the early period when operating the homestay - A period when many costs arise while the homestay cannot have many guests.

2- Market research

To survive and do business successfully, thorough market research is an indispensable step. Specifically, be smart and wise when "zoning" the target customers you want to target by answering the following questions:
Who are they?  How old are your potential guests?  What are their preferences?… Only then can you decide on the location and design of the homestay so that first time guests will have many later visits.

3- Location

Prime location is arguably one of the most important factors in the accommodation business.  Where your homestay is located needs to be convenient for moving which will be a big plus, because most tourists tend to visit many places without taking too much time.

How to start Homestay Business?

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For homestays in localities popular about tourism, choosing the location of the homestay close to famous tourist attractions will help attract more guests. 

4- Rent for Homestay Businesses space 

In case you already have the premises for the homestay operation, you will save a relative amount of money at the start, and also quickly recover your capital faster.  However, you can still rent if there is no homestay business space available.  

How to start Homestay Business?

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5- Completing the Homestay Business Licensing Procedure

Similar to other forms of accommodation business, homestay business is not an exception when it requires a full registration license to be able to officially go into operation.  

6- Recruiting Manager and Staffs for Homestay

For the homestay to operate effectively, a team of enthusiastic and experienced staff is a must for your homestay.  If you do not have a lot of time and experience to manage a homestay, let’s hire a qualified and experienced manager for your homestay.

What are Advantages & Disadvantages of Homestay Travel?

Homestay travel is very popular now.  So what is homestay tourism?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of homestay travel?  

I- What is Homestay Travel? 

Homestay is a type of tourist accommodation that is quite popular in the world currently. Homestay literally means a type of tourism where tourists will stay and live in the homes of local residents, where they come to help tourists discover, experience and learn about customs and habits as well as cultural life of each region in that locality.

What are Advantages & Disadvantages of Homestay Travel?

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In other words, Homestay travel is a type of community-based tourism, staying at homes of local residents where visitors come - thereby helping the locality to promote the culture, people and beautiful scenery in the most practical way.

II- Advantages and disadvantages of Homestay Travel

1- Advantages of Homestay Travel

You will live with the host, daily activities like a family member.  Therefore, you will experience the customs and lifestyle of the indigenous people in the most intimate and practical way.

You will be introduced by the host to interesting and new places to visit and discover that only local people know.  If traveling on tour or staying in a hotel you will never be known.

- Because you share a common living space with many people, you will have the opportunity to chat and interact with many people come from many different places.  This is an opportunity to make new friends, learn about other cultures, increase foreign language skills and communication skills.

In the end, you will have a trip with a much cheaper price when choosing this homestay travel form.

2- Disadvantages of Homestay Travel

Homestay has many benefits, but it also has the following disadvantages:

You won't have absolute privacy.

There are not many options for utility services included.

Always follow general rules set by the host

III- Notes when choosing Homestay Travel

Although it is important to pay attention to the experience factor in practice, to make the trip more perfect, you need to pay attention to the following things:

What are Advantages & Disadvantages of Homestay Travel?

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Prepare carefully before the trip: learning about customs, habits and culture of the place you are going to which will help you easily approach and get acquainted with the local people.  Furthermore, you should also search for information about the terrain, local climate conditions to be able to prepare appropriate clothes, luggage, tools ... (for example, if the place is cold,  bring more warm clothes…).  Although people are ready to help you, there are many places where grocery stores and restaurants will no longer be available, so thorough preparation is of the utmost importance.

 “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”: Unlike in a hotel or resort, the space will be your own, when living with residents, please “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” and behave like local residents.  Remember to respect their uniqueness (especially about religion), limit expressing your own opinions, always be happy – avoid being annoyed, criticising,..

Be prepared to ask if you do not know: if you are still confused and do not know how to do it right, then boldly ask the host questions.

Polite, intimate, respectful: remember to always respect the host’s private space, use furniture and household items with the most care.  And if you are friendly and open to the owner, they will be  enthusiastic and like you more.

Gifts for the host: nothing will leave the impression that you give a gift to the host (especially your local gifts).

Above is information about homestay travel.  Hopefully through the above information, you already know what homestay travel is?  Advantages and disadvantages of homestay travel.

Basic knowledge to Start a Homestay Business

What is Homestay?  This type of accommodation is popular and chosen by young people and those who love experiences.  Although it is no longer a new name, not everyone really understands it;  Or for those who have never tried it, there are probably still many concerns.

The sharing information below will help you understand what homestay is, Different things that you will not be able to get when staying at other types of accommodation.

I- What is Homestay?

Homestay is a type of accommodation that is quite popular in the world for visitors from far away.  Tourists instead of staying in hotels or resorts will choose to stay in apartments of local people to save costs and enjoy the local culture.  They will live, eat and participate in daily activities with the indigenous people.

Basic knowledge to Start a Homestay Business

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However, today the homestay model in accommodation has developed and changed compared to the original concept.  There are many businesses operating in the field of homestay rental, they manage dozens of hundreds of different homestays, so the element of staying with a local family is no longer accurate.

Homestay that emphasizes local cultural experience, freedom of living and low cost is warmly welcomed by young people and is the first choice for their trips.

II- What's interesting about Homestay?

1- Homestay helps feel the most authentic local culture and life

Homestay is a form of community-based tourism;  Tourists will eat, sleep and live together with local people (hosts).  If you come here on the occasion of the festival, you will participate in the preparation, have fun and participate in regional cultural activities.

With localities with traditional beauty and many strange customs, your trip will certainly not be just sightseeing anymore.

2- Homestay helps learn new knowledge and know more about the beauty of the region

In another aspect, homestay is the way of doing business that the residential community will be the one to provide products and services to tourists: From staying, eating to even guiding tours or helping tourists learn about local life, culture and spirit.

This type of tourism is a very good bridge to help you expand your relationship;  cultivate more knowledge about the beauty of life;  sometimes you will even know more foreign languages ​​and increase your communication skills;  know how to connect with the community.

Not only young people who love to travel, but also families want to use this type of accommodation to help their children have more experiences in life.

3- Homestay offers reasonable cost, beautiful scenery and full facilities

Each homestay will be able to accommodate from 10 to 30 people (depending on the size). 

Even though you only have to pay the not-expensive rental fee, you still get all the facilities from catering to relaxing service.  With each homestay type, there will be a certain level of privacy. 

4- Homestay features very good design, diversity and less duplication

Homestay is no longer just a place to stay;  It seems that it is also a place for homeowners to express their artistic style and innovation in their home decoration.  Each small corner will be an artwork that the owner is wanting to show off to tourists.

Depending on what the strengths of local tourism are and where the homestay is located, the homestay owner will come up with design ideas.  Also because of two key factors, the homestays will be more diverse.

III- How to Start a Homestay Business?

Regarding of homestay business, it is impossible not to mention the business model of AirBnB, the world's No. 1 connecting business platform between tenants and homestay lessors (hosts).  It can be said that AirBnB has raised the concept of homestay business to a new level, turning homestay into a competitive accommodation service that directly shares market share with hotel and resort accommodation.

1- Investment cost of Homestay business

The cost of investing in a homestay business is much lower than the investment cost of other types of accommodation.  The level of investment will depend on number of rooms, customer segment that you target.

2- Homestay business cooperation

AirBnB is the largest platform currently supporting homestay business owners to find tenants.  This platform fully supports all types of homestay from private room, shared room, villa, bangalow,...

If your target tenants are foreign guests, then Airbnb will be the number 1 choice today, beside Foonvass is a good choice next to AirBnb.

Basic knowledge to Start a Homestay Business

ph: myeongwoldam

In addition to the two names above, you can sell homestay rooms on guest sites such as, Agoda or Travoloka.  These platforms are very strong in resort hotels, but the homestay market is also also get their attention.

IV- Popular types of Homestay  

Currently, in order to meet the needs of tenants;  homestays have been built in many different forms.  Besides, depending on the tourist service and the scenery in that place, homestay will be designed to help tenants get a lot of practical experiences;  easy to get acquainted with the local culture.

1- Villa Homestay

Homestay villa will often be present in places with such beautiful scenery, it is understood as a type of high-class accommodation.  This place will meet the needs of relaxation such as entertainment and sightseeing of tourists.

2- Private houses and apartments Homestay

Homestay in the style of a private house will have the highlight of being separate and diverse in design.  These housing units will usually be separate from each other.  You can rent the whole apartment or rent a room to live with the landlord. Entertainment and relaxation services will always be integrated in the private space.  At the same time, the cozy outdoor party will always make your family feel more exiting.

3- Studio Apartment Homestay

This type of homestay apartment is quite popular in big cities where rental space is limited.  Studio apartments usually have a small area but are fully equipped with essential utilities such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, and toilet in one room space.

4- Bungalow Homestay

With tourist attractions with charming scenery or located in high hills or old forests;  It is indispensable for the type of homestay Bungalows - tube houses.  They are usually quite small in size and make young people crazy when choosing a place to stay here.

5- Dorm room Homestay

As a dormitory room type (like a dormitory), the room has many bunk beds in a large room.  The owner will rent out each bed for each tenant. Tenants will share common facilities in the room or in the building.

The advantage of this homestay type is that the price is very cheap, the demand for services and utilities is not much, just a simple place to sleep.  The downside is low privacy.

6- Private Room Homestay 

The landlord takes advantage of some vacant rooms in the family to lease. Tenant will rent a private room and share common space such as living room, kitchen, parking space with the host.

V- Risks of Homestay business

The homestay business also has many possible risks for hosts.  Here are the main servers at risk:

Guest reviews bad and inaccurate about homestay.

Tenants aren’t careful in using furniture in the room

Tenants use banned stimulants during their stay

Tenants booked but not use service.

Being reclaimed house when the lease has not expired

Homestay business without license

Tourism market fluctuates and economy declines cause number of tenants decrease

The above information is the must-know basic knowledge for those who are learning about homestay services to start their own homestay business.

Why is Homestay Travel so attractive to young people?

Finding a place to sleep and rest during the trip is extremely important, it greatly affects the quality of the trip.  Among the types of accommodation, homestay is now emerging as a new trend in tourism, especially for young people. Let’s find out what is so hot about homestay.

There are quite a few of you who travel often without knowing what homestay is, the difference from hotels, motels and resorts. Keep reading to find out the concept and difference of accommodation types above.

Life is more and more modern, living standards are increasing, making the demand for travel and relaxation also increases accordingly.  The needs of tourists are increasingly diverse which causes the tourism industry to constantly innovate, creates new types of accommodation to meet the needs of guests and increase competitiveness. Particularly, Homestay tourism is a fairly new type and is a trend chosen by many people today.

What is Homestay? Surely many people have heard the word “Homestay” but not everyone really understands it.

Why is Homestay Travel so attractive to young people?

ph: hagyul_jj

Homestay is a type of green tourism that is very suitable for tourists who love to explore and experience culture in new lands.  What does Homestay travel 

1- Why is Homestay Travel so attractive to young people?

Meeting the needs of young people - those who love cheap travel without a high budget, the form of homestay accommodation was born with beautiful space, good service but still affordable.

Different from the traditional homestay form of having to stay with the host, the new homestay style allows tourists to enjoy a private space.  Most homestays are now built into separate apartments from the owner.  Worries such as living hours and living space of old homestay form are now gone.

The most authentic and closest experience of the daily life and culture of a land.  This is also a good opportunity for you to learn and talk about food and culture with indigenous people, to have them openly tell you many social stories, folk customs, etc.

The price of homestay tourism is also very affordable for tourists, ranging from affordable homestays to luxurious style homestays for you to choose depending on your preferences and conditions.

For those reasons, homestay has become a new, unique, attractive and worthy tourism trend for young people to choose.  However, the development of Homestay tourism also poses many challenges, the strong commercialization of cultural values ​​leads to changes in the basic nature of Homestay which is the living and accommodation of indigenous people.  The rapid development of Homestay also makes this form of accommodation gradually lose its uniqueness.  Modern appliances such as heaters, air conditioners, etc. are used more and more in stilt houses, partly losing the cultural values ​​of the region.

Why is homestay travel loved by young people? As mentioned above, the experience is an unique and attractive feature compared to other types of accommodation services.  With a homestay, you will experience the most unique culture of the indigenous people right where you live without having to go far.

Experiential tourism is also a new way of travel that is being loved by many people in recent times because they will really experience the characteristics of the region in the most authentic way.

Why is Homestay Travel so attractive to young people?ph: malona_stay

Moreover, the homestay rental price is considered to be lower than other hotels and motels.

2- Scale of Homestay 

The size of homestay rooms is usually small and medium. Particularly, the room type for 1-2 people is the most popular.  There are also larger room types, which can be stayed in groups of many people or rented for the whole family. The homestay's catering services will often let visitors experience and cook their own typical local dishes.  Some places also have outdoor fire stove for visitors to have parties and festivals if traveling in large groups.

Depending on the region, each locality will have different ways of designing and arranging.  For example, homestays in mountainous areas will often be built in the style of stilt houses, while in the sea are often liberal, close to nature or a bit bohemian, ...



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