The busy life sometimes makes us forget our medicines. This situation not only harms our body but also is money-consuming. An automatic pill dispenser with alarm and lock is introduced to solve this problem.

Hero device notifies the times you need to take medicines

Why to take medicines on time?

As different parts of our body become active at different times of the day, taking medicines on time is extremely important. According to Professor John Hogenesch of University of Pennysylvania, medicine may have only a relatively limited time-span to overlap with the activity of a target organ.

However, it seems that we often forget to take our prescription on time. Sometimes it is because we are too busy. It also happens to the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients. So how to solve this problem?

The hero device is a solution to the problem

Hero is an appliance which is integrated with an app called Hero Fill. It is a perfect automatic pill dispenser and reminder for Alzheimer’s patients and the old. With Hero service, you can eliminate the possibility of forgetting your medicines.

The hero is considered the best automatic pill dispensers for elderly and the best automatic pill dispenser for Alzheimer’s patients because its service covers every part of your medication journey, including dispensing, reminding and prescription refills. The medicine manager app Hero will notify you when it is pill time as often as needed. 

Another reason why it is claimed as the best rated automatic pill dispenser is that it is able to store, sort and dispense 10 different medications multiple times a day, fitting your custom prescription schedule.

Here is how Hero works

To use this best automatic pill dispenser with alarm, firstly, you need to set up your hero for the first time.

– Remove the travel bar

– Plug it in

– Connect it to wifi

– Download the app Hero Fill from the CH Play (if you use Android phone) or Apple Store (for Apple phone). This app is free.

– Create an account and confirm the Hero account

– Use the app to claim your Hero device

– Search for your medications and add your schedule

– Add passcode for more security

– Confirm your schedule and press the centre button on the device to load your medication 

The setting up and maintaining schedule also can be done through the web browser. Also, the Hero Fill service is worth trying. They will deliver your prescriptions directly to your door.

Hero device is an automatic pill dispenser with app which will contribute to better medication management.

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