Learn about the Gucci handbag brand.  Some useful information about branded Gucci bags for men and women, prices and places to buy genuine Gucci bags.

I- Introducing the Gucci handbag brand: Quick overview

The House of Gucci or simply known as Gucci, is a fashion icon owned by Italy and France, a famous leather goods brand.  Guccio Gucci (1881-1953) was founded in Florence in 1906. Gucci is considered one of the famous, prestigious and recognized luxury fashion brands in the world.  Gucci is also the second best-selling fashion brand in the world after Louis Vuitton.  The Gucci house belongs to the French company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR).  Gucci has 425 stores worldwide.  They sell products through affiliate stores.

Logo meaning

In 1920, Guccio opened a leather goods company and a boutique in his hometown of Florence, selling suitcases and bags.  In the 1930s, the brand attracted a large and mature clientele with a wide range of handbags, gloves, canes, shoes and belts for equestrians, and thus achieved success.  The horseshoe design has quickly become a symbol of fashion house beauty and constant innovation.  Since 1950, the Gucci logo with two inverted Gs (such as a horseshoe) has become one of the most famous fashion signs in the world.  Not only attaching this logo on bags and shoes, the designer also cleverly wears glasses that are the symbol of the Gucci legend.  Currently, there are many different brands in the world, but customers still trust and choose products with Gucci's "horseshoe" logo.

II- Gucci's featured products

Gucci's product line includes clothing, shoes, bags, fashion and travel accessories, leather products, fragrances, watches, glasses, jewelry and cosmetics, as well as pet fashion and other items.  other premium Lifestyle products.  Gucci's luxury products are always the desire of every fashionista around the world.  Men's and women's fashion is at the heart of The House of Gucci, which includes design and production for the two main seasons of the year, as well as advertising campaigns and fashion shows.

In June 2010, it launched the Gucci Kids line for upper-class children, as well as accessories for mothers and babies.  Gucci officially launched a series of beauty products – Gucci Beauty in May 2014, including cosmetics and makeup tools.  In particular, the Gucci Beauty fragrance line was launched a long time ago, and for the first time since 1974 it is Gucci's No. 1 perfume line for women.  Currently, Gucci has about 49 fragrances with a scent base crafted with a refined Italian sensibility.

III- The most popular Gucci handbags

Marmont Camera Mini Qui stitched leather bag pattern
The $1,000 Gucci tote leather lt bag in Marmont Camera Mini, stitched in black leather, is a fashion statement full of contradictions.  This contradiction is evident in the designs that are both luxurious and extremely rebellious.  This is considered one of the most popular Gucci bags under $1,000.

1- GG Blooms Supreme canvas crossbody bag

Light, elegant and very sophisticated.  This is the impressive point of this pink bag.  Like the black version, this bag is always the "wishlist" of many fashionistas in the world, sales increase gradually over the years.

2- Gucci Linea A Disco bag model

For those who love politeness and caution, the Linea A Disco tote bag is the ideal choice.  Although there is only one polite color, this Gucci handbag brings elegance and nobility to every owner.

3- GG Supreme belt bag model

Personality, convenience and extremely compact;  This GG Supreme belt bag can be worn at the waist or crossbody.  This smart bag design allows the bag to be used in everyday life as well as when traveling.  In addition, the unisex design makes the bag an interesting choice for both men and women.

4- Gucci Sylvie handbag line

The 1969 Sylvie handbag, Gucci's 51-year-old legacy is derived from the name of the French muse and actress Sylvie Vartan.  The Sylvie 1969 line of handbags comes in two shapes: a familiar rectangular shape and one with soft rounded corners.  Leather materials range from normal leather to excellent iguana and alligator skins.  Crossbody style, with adjustable belt, can meet everyone's needs.

The main highlight of the Gucci Sylvie line is the gold-plated chain on the mouth of the bag.  In the Gucci Sylvie line, this belt is more modern and larger.  In the 1969 Sylvie line, it is thinner and more elegant.  The strap of the bag is detachable, suitable for ladies to wear to work or attend formal meetings and parties.

5- Gucci Horsebit handbag line 1955

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 handbag collection is extremely diverse.  The only similarity to the 1955 Gucci Horsebit handbag is the Horsebit logo on the front of the bag.  Gucci also released a limited edition series of these handbags.  When these models are not owned by many people, they give you a unique look.  At the same time has the highest investment and transfer value.
 Take the example above: The Gucci Horsebit 1955 handbag is a very small hand bag.  Crocodile leather material is cleverly shaped according to the dome structure of the bag.  Prominent black bag is the symbol of the dark horse.  The compartments in the bag are very large so you can conveniently store your everyday items.
 Another version of the autumn-winter 2020 line: still the Gucci Horsebit from 1955, but the GG canvas version is more naughty and dynamic.  A fancy little carry-on suitcase.

6- Gucci Dionysus handbag line

Dionysus is the first handbag designed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci and serves as the brand's creative director.
 The most unique feature of the bag is the double-ended pattern buckle.  According to Greek mythology, the god of wine Dionysus transformed himself into a tiger and took a young goddess into a river.
 The new version of Dionysus for the fall-winter season 2020-2021 adds many exciting improvements.  For example, a handle is added to the bag, and the tiger head buckle is embellished with exquisite blue enamel.  It can be said, Dionysus (Dionysus) is your ideal choice with attractive velvet or metallic one-piece dresses.

7- Gucci Zumi bag line

The Gucci Zumi handbag is named after musician and experimental artist Zumi Rosow.  The highlight of the bag are two traditional Gucci symbols: the two Gs (representing the founder Guccio Gucci) and the horse.
 Interestingly, Alessandro Michele used gold-plated and silver-plated details in the original form of the 2G logo.  Perhaps that is why the Gucci Zumi handbag line always exudes contradiction and strange attraction.
 Are you attracted by the high-class beauty of rare leather bags?  Don't miss the two-tone Gucci Zumi bag before Fall 2020. Both sides of this bag are combined with red python leather, while the center is a natural yellow python leather belt.  The handbag is not only suitable for everyday use, but also embodies the exclusive spirit of Gucci, giving you a luxurious style.

IV- Segment and price of Gucci handbag brand

Gucci – a high-end fashion brand has always won the trust of customers about the value, function and convenience of products.  Therefore, Gucci hopes to target the high-end group of customers who love luxury goods as the target market, in order to locate new product segments by changing the information sent to its customer groups.

The design and material of Gucci bags are very diverse, so the price is also different.  With high quality production techniques from high-end Italian fashion houses, the price of the cheapest style is also around a few million dong.  If it is a high-end product, limited edition, the price can be up to hundreds, even hundreds of millions of dong.  Therefore, not everyone who wants to own Gucci products can own it, and it is because Gucci's luxury and high-class level is associated with the price that Gucci products are imitated and displayed.  selling rampantly in the market causing market disturbances and risks for buyers.

V- Where to buy genuine Gucci handbags?

For any fashionista, any brand wants to own luxury, luxurious and trendy Gucci handbags.  However, where to order online to get branded handbags is still a problem that makes many people wonder.

You should find a reputable, reliable, reputable sales website and receive good reviews from customers who buy branded goods here.  Especially willing to provide detailed photos, related papers, invoices to prove that the products they sell are genuine.  If you find a fake product of poor quality, please return it and compensate.


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