Long, thick, curved eyelashes help beautiful girls more attractive. However, not all of us owned beautiful eyelashes since our born so that methods such as false eyelashes, mascara were born to help improve this. Although such beauty methods are fast but these are also potential risks. Inadequate care of the eye causes the eyes become infected, swollen, and allergic.



Long eyelash curls are always the dream of the girls / ph: Pexels@George Sistonen



You can still make the eyelashes grow faster, thicker and beautifully secured with natural-looking ingredients that will not cost you money. With this method, only after 7 days lashes will be at least 2cm long so that you can confidently without mascaras.


3 ways to make eyelashes long fastly in a week


1. Olive oil soaked in lemon



The lemon peel contains many essential oils to stimulate lash development. Therefore, every day when using lemon do not leave the shell to make yourself a natural remedy to long lashes.

Olive oil contains a very high vitamin E, so it can help to grow long and strong eyelashes. When making combined lemon peel and olive oil will create a miracle mixture to stimulate lashes grow long in just one week.



+ 1 lemon

+ Olive oil




– Lemon after washing, scraping into fiber into small glass jar.

– Put the olive oil in the jar and cover the lid, soak for 1-2 weeks.

– In the evening, before going to sleep, use a cotton swab to brush a few drops on the lashes keeping overnight, the next morning rinse with warm water.


2. Coconut oil



Coconut oil is also a very useful beauty ingredient, not only skin, keeping shape, coconut oil also stimulate hair and eyelashes long effectively.

Every day, you only need to use cotton swab dipped in coconut oil to brush on the lashes and keep it overnight, the next morning rinse with warm water. Do this after only 1 week, your eyelashes will be at least 2cm longer and that will surprise you.


3. Chicken egg yolk


We often hear about its effectiveness for long-hair growth with using chicken-egg mask without knowing that this wonderful material can also help lashes long in just a week.




Mix egg yolk, stirring to make a fine mixture. Every night before going to bed, use cotton swabs to absorb the mixture to brush on the lashes, leave until dry and rinse with lukewarm water.

Eggs are rich in omega-3s and vitamins that will stimulate eyelashes thicker naturally.