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The use of celery for health and beauty

Celery is a familiar vegetable for many people. In fact, it has a lot of benefits to beautify. Here are some health and beauty benefits of Celery.     According to scientific studies, in 100g celery contains more than 90% water with many vitamins, proteins and minerals. In addition, the fiber content of celery will

What are the benefits of celery for men?

Celery is known for its health benefits. But can celery attracts females? And does it help with pheromones? Read on!   Eating celery can make you more attractive/ Ph: Pexels@TOPHEE MARQUEZ   Celery is one of the best plants for women’s health and beauty. But what does eating celery do for a man? Can eating

Top Home Remedies For UTIs Are Revealed!

UTIs – Urinary tract infections are a very popular health issue. While both women and men suffer from UTIs, women have higher risks of getting them. A UTI happens when bacteria attack the bladder and its exit tubes. Some of the major trigger factors include menopause, pregnancy, waiting too long to urinate, sexual intercourse, and

Top 5 Best Beauty Tricks To Minimize Pores

People who have oily and mixed skin types often face visible pores. However, you can make these pores smaller. There are natural remedies to minimize pores. You should not try all of them at once. Start with a remedy and see how it works. If you are not satisfied with the result, give another one

Best herbs for hair growth and thickness

Hair loss has always been a concern for many people. Current days, there are various methods for this problem. If you are seeking herbs for hair growth and thickness then here are a list of herbs that stimulate hair growth those effectivenesses are proven through research. Let’s find out what herbs are best for hair growth below.     Hibiscus

Anal Bleaching – What You Need to Know

It is completely normal when the skin around the anus is darker than the surroundings due to everyday friction and genetics. Nowadays, there is an aesthetic trend for women to lighten the area. And, it is called anal bleaching.   Anal bleaching is strictly an aesthetic procedure when it treats pigmentation. Therefore, if you want