Are you looking for nail cancer causes or nail melanoma treatment? Check out this article for more information about your nail’s health.

Your toenail can say something about your health

Your toenail can say something about your health/ Ph: Pexels@Kristina Nor

Do you know that the color of your toenails can tell something about your health? In this article, we will be learning about the meaning of toenails colors and what healthy nails treatment should you get with toenail melanoma or fungus?



#1: If your toenails are purple

It can be because of a subungual hematoma, or bruising under the nail bed. When your toenails are like this, you have two options. You can either leave it and wait for the healthy nail to grow back and replace the darkened one, or you can go to a doctor and have him move those nails. The first option can take a long time to resolve, but you can let your healthy nail grow naturally. The second option is only necessary if the nail becomes painful. Also, purple nails can also signify a circulation issue that makes the nail to receive less oxygen than it needs. To treat these symptoms, you should go to your doctor to get the right treatment.



#2: If your toenails are yellow or brown

It can be due to a problem with the respiratory system or lymphatic system, or due to complications of diabetes. If it is caused by a fungal condition, the nail will also be thick and brittle. The reason for toenail fungus is because you wear moist sneakers or wear the same pair for too long. To deal with this problem, you can find your doctor for a nail biopsy to figure out what to do next. Nail fungus can take a long time to get rid of, even if you get the right treatment. That’s why you must go see your doctor to get a diagnosis to be sure you’re using the right product.



#3: If your toenails are all black
It can be caused by a B12 deficiency, kidney problems, or liver disease. But the most common reason is trauma. When you stub your toe, it can cause a bruise to form under the toenail and then turn your nail black. In this situation, a black toenail treatment for you is that you must wait for the entire nail to grow out, which takes about six to nine months. As many people think there is a link between black toenail and cancer, so they look for nail cancer symptoms as well as nail cancer signs. However, it is best to go see your doctor when you have any symptoms and you worry about it.