If you are looking for fairy tale escapes, keep reading for more details about the famous castles in Luxembourgculture capital of  Europe.

Fairy tale escapes in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg has over one million years of history with royalty, tradition, war and peace. There are many famous castles in Luxembourg which were built since the early 10th century. As they remain to be the great historical and archeological heritage of the country, they offer fairy tale escapes for travellers all around the world.

#1: The Grand Ducal Palace

This fairytale landscape was used by the Grand Duke. It is a beautiful building set in the culture capital of  Europe : Luxembourg. The castle was fully preserved by the Nazis during World War II and did not suffer any dilapidation. It has the beautiful exterior dates from the Flemish Renaissance and a modern light design by Ingo Maurer. Tourists can visit a fairy tale Luxembourg and this castle with exclusive guided tours available during the summer months.

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#2: Vianden Castle

This castle was constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries, located in the North of Luxembourg. It stands today as one of the largest fortified castles West of the Rhine. Vianden Castle has an eye-catching combination of colour use, stone work and window styles. After a restoration recently, the castle has been elevated to its former glory. This is a brilliant place for visitors to experience Luxembourgian history together with fairytale landscape.

#3: Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle is the oldest castle in Luxembourg which is located in the picturesque village of Bourscheid. The castle has a keep, a palace and a chapel, surrounded by a rampart with four tall towers. After several architectural transformations, the castle is now added a large chimney and newly re-roofed towers. The best time to admire the beauty of it might be during the evening when the castle lights up and the area is illuminated for miles around.

Along with many spa resorts in Luxembourg, these famous castles in Luxembourg are perfect destinations for your fairy tale escapes.

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