Lounge chairs and heated salt pools inside the Viking Sea Spa

Lounge chairs inside the Viking Sea Spa

The LivNordic Spa & Wellness brand was created by us in 2010, winning more than 50 awards for our ground-breaking innovations and revolutionary facilities that champion design, wellness, nutrition and beauty.

LivNordic is a lifestyle choice that embraces a natural way of living and the simplicity of design found in Nordic countries. At its heart lies the wisdom of the Nordic health traditions,  a wellness experience to motivate the most authentic level of your personal wellbeing.

These dynamics are reflected in the design, treatments and services offered at all of our LivNordic Spas and allow you to explore just how simple Wellness can be – The Nordic way.

1.  Nordic Bathing:

Clean your body & purify your mind

Quality time in a sauna followed by a cold dip in an icy lake is the embodiment of a Nordic Bathing experience and not only has numerous health benefits but also forms a fundamental part of Sweden’s social life. We emulate this with our traditional saunas, cold bucket showers or snow grottos and recommend you add a conscious moment of inner stillness to facilitate a deeper sense of wellbeing.

2.  Nordic Nutrition

Pure, Fresh & Organic

Nordic food is simple and fresh, using few ingredients so that each one can shine as it actively compliments the others. We stay away from processed foods to give your body nutrients that are grown and harvested while nourishing the planet in return. Nordic foods are sourced mindfully and sensibly, supporting local as well as organic and fair trade farming communities.

3. Functional Movement

Move with your body

Functional movement involves first connecting with your body’s needs and abilities and then engaging in training that supports and enhances your physique, working with your body rather than against it. The aim is to develop your body’s natural level of strength and flexibility, which can then be witnessed in the effortless grace with which you move through life.

4. Natural Beauty

comes from within

A healthy attitude to yourself and your lifestyle will out-win any amount of product you apply to your body and skin. Just as you would not deliberately eat chemicals, we don’t believe you should nourish your skin with them either. Natural Beauty starts by seeing the beauty that is already present and then supporting it to shine. Natural Beauty is simple: It comes from within.

5. Swedish Treatments

inspired by tradition

Swedish massages were the first western treatments to utilize our knowledge of modern anatomy and physiology to create remedial and therapeutic treatment protocols. We are proud of our Nordic traditions and history in the healing arts and bring the wisdom and conscious touch inherent in our culture to all of our LivNordic massage, body and beauty treatments.


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