According to a medicine physician, energy-based medicine options have been found to reverse many sexual health issues. She stated that conventional surgical vaginal rejuvenation can lead to scarring inside the vagina, and then it will not rejuvenate on the molecular level. This is due to the use of lasers and the procedures. They make definite changes on the molecular level by improving cosmetic appearance and adding elastin and collagen to the tissue as well as increasing the production of stem cells.


These emerging devices include the FemiWave device, which is a shockwave therapy for sexual health concerns. It utilizes low-intensity soundwaves for increasing lubrication and restoring sensation. Men can create microplaque in the arteries in their penis while women can create plaque in the arteries in their pelvic floor.

The FemiWave in women and its men’s version named GAINSWave can stimulate angiogenesis in the female pelvic floor and the penis. The GAINSWave can be used to treat and prevent erectile dysfunction. These devices also release growth factors as well as stem cells so that all of the tissue will be rejuvenated.

However, there is heightened sensitivity with sexual intercourse in both men and women, so it is necessary to release final results within 6-9 months. Also, energy-based options can be used to enhance sexuality in women after childbirth. For example, we can use FemiLift to stimulate elastin and collagen in the vaginal canal, hence healing scar tissue in the episiotomy remnants and vagina. Also, this device can help treat urinary incontinence and simultaneously enhance sexual sensitivity.

Besides, we can use the versatile CO2 technology when it comes to performing hemorrhoidectomy. And, we can combine hormone replacement therapy with CO2 fraxel , shockwave therapy as well as other procedures to increase sexual performance in men and women.