How to balance hormone levels naturall? What are best foods to balance female hormones? Find out the answer at following.

Flax seeds can balance estrogen levels

Flax seeds can balance estrogen levels/ Ph: Pexels

Seed cycling is a new trend which is claimed to help remain healthy hormones levels, boost fertility naturally, and ease symptoms of menopause.

What is seed cycling?

Flax, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds are foods that increase fertility in females. Eating them at different times of the month can help balance certain hormones.
Seed cycling is a hormone imbalance treatment that regulates the hormone estrogen in the first half of a woman’s menstrual cycle and the hormone progesterone in the second half. The health benefits of seed cycling are helping regulate periods, treating polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), reducing acne, endometriosis, and infertility. Hormone balance seed cycling can also ease symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, and mood swings.

How to eat foods that boost progesterone production?

For the first 13–14 days of the menstrual cycle, women should eat 1 tablespoon each of ground flax and pumpkin seeds per day. Then during the second half of the cycle, they eat 1 tablespoon each of ground sunflower and sesame seeds per day. The cycle starts again from the first day of their next period.
For women without a regular menstrual cycle, including menopausal and postmenopausal women, they can use the phases of the moon as a guide to cycle dates. So the first day of their cycle is on the new moon. Then after just a few months of cycling, women will notice positive hormonal changes.
During the first half of the cycle, the phytoestrogens in flax seeds can help increase or decrease estrogen levels as needed. In addition, zinc from pumpkin seeds can promote progesterone production. Meanwhile, during the second half of the cycle, lignans in sesame can inhibit estrogen levels from increasing too much. Also, the vitamin E in sunflower seeds help boost progesterone levels.
Eating the foods that encourage estrogen production is natural ways to balance hormones for fertility in women.
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