You might hear about ophiocordyceps sinensis but cannot tackle out why many people are crazy about this traditional medicine. Let’s find out about ophiocordyceps sinensis benefits in the article. 

Ophiocordyceps sinensis is a famous traditional medicine that has been used for thousands of years in China to treat fatigue, sickness, kidney disease, and low sex drive. However, Ophiocordyceps sinensis can offer you much more than this.


Do you know ophiocordyceps sinensis benefits?


Before getting to know the ophiocordyceps sinensis benefits – our main topic today, it is a must to have some knowledge about it. Ophiocordyceps sinensis is a type of parasitic fungi growing only on the larvae of insects. The medicine is made when the fungi attack the host to replace the tissue of the host with theirs and slender stems will sprout. These slender stems are then collected and dried to use in traditional medicine.
For all the benefits (both the ones that have been backed by science and those have not), ophiocordyceps sinensis has seen its popularity increasing enormously. There are up to 400 species of ophiocordyceps sinensis, but the most common ones are dried cordyceps militaris and cordyceps sinensis. Scientists have carried out many studies on the benefits of these fungi on human health. Here we mention the cordyceps sinensis mushroom health benefits that have been proven.

What are the ophiocordyceps sinensis benefits?


Ophiocordyceps sinensis has been considered a miracle medicine and there are some reasons for this.


#1: Boost exercise performance


One of the cordyceps benefits for athletes is thanks to its ability to increase the production of molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is essential to deliver energy to muscles and this means that dried cordyceps mushrooms can improve the way our bodies use oxygen.
Cordyceps sinensis mushroom health benefits were revealed in a study with the participation of 30 healthy elderly. The study was carried out in 6 weeks with some elderly receiving 3 grams of CS-4 (a synthetic strain of Cordyceps) while others receiving a placebo bill. At the end of the study, those older adults using CS-4 experienced a 7% increase in a fitness level determine VO2 and these others witnessed no change. For the cordyceps sinensis mushroom health benefits, people often seek for dried cordyceps militaris or cordyceps sinensis extract for their parents.

Scientists also studied the effects of cordyceps-containing mushroom on the exercise performance of younger adults. The result was that after three weeks, in comparison with a placebo, the participant’s VO2 max experienced an increase of 11%.


#2: Manage type 2 diabetes


Containing a special type of sugar, cordyceps health concerns include diabetes treatment. Cordyceps sinensis is able to mimic the activity of insulin, resulting in decreasing in blood sugar level. The benefits of cordyceps sinensis for kidney health are not to clear but actually have given hope for patients with chronic kidney disease. 22 studies involving 1,746 patients revealed that those taking cordyceps supplements experienced a significant improvement in kidney function.


#3: Contribute to anti-aging process


Why many people prefer cordyceps sinensis extract in skincare?


The antioxidant content in cordyceps can explain the cordyceps sinensis extract skin benefits of the fungi. Several studies have indicated that cordyceps increase antioxidants in aged mice, leading to increased memory and sexual functions.
Antioxidants in cordyceps sinensis can neutralize free radicals, contributing to anti-aging process and this is the reason why many people prefer cordyceps sinensis extract in skincare.
Cordyceps has been proved its anti-aging benefits on mice and fruit flies. The mice and fruit flies who got cordyceps experienced longer lives than those with a placebo.
Despite the fact that cordyceps health benefits on the aging process have not been published by an official institute or agency, many scientists are very confident about the anti-aging benefits of cordyceps.


#4: Anti-tumor effects


Many scientists are paying their attention to this aspect of cordyceps sinensis, in which cordyceps can slow down the growth of tumors. Besides, the cordyceps benefits for cancer also have been shown because they inhibit the growth of cancer cells, including lung, colon, skin and liver cancers.
While studying the cordyceps benefits for lungs, scientists also find out that cordyceps have ani-tumor effects on lymphoma, melanoma and lung cancer.


#5: Treat high blood pressure


Many studies have been carried out to point out the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of cordyceps sinensis. Therefore, people believe that cordyceps sinensis can help to prevent or at least treat high blood pressure. This is thanks to a compound called cordycepin in the cordyceps sinensis which can relax blood vessels, thus, improving circulation and lowering blood pressure.

How to use it right?


Now you might wonder about different ophiocordyceps sinensis uses. The best way to use cordyceps depends on age and health situation. The dosage also varies considerably to different factors as mentioned above. Although it is a natural herbal medicine, it does not mean that it is always safe at any dosage. So, knowing how to use cordyceps sinensis is necessary but not enough and you have to ask a professional doctor before using it.
No matter which fresh or dried cordyceps recipe you have, remember to control the temperature at below 800C when cooking it.
The fresh ophiocordyceps sinensis should be kept in the refrigerator and packed carefully and the dried cordyceps militaris, which is used popularly, should be stored in a cool, dry place and avoid sunlight so as to not affect the quality of the ophiocordyceps sinensis.
So how to use dried cordyceps? Cordyceps sinensis can be soaked in honeybee or liquor. The other cordyceps sinensis uses including stew with chicken, dove, or quail to make soup. Add to that, you can use the cordyceps sinensis to make tea and drink.


For the cordyceps sinensis mushroom health benefits, people often seek for dried cordyceps militaris or cordyceps sinensis extract for their parents


Where you can get cordyceps sinensis?


If you are wondering where to buy dried cordyceps, we highly suggest buying it from an official medical store or institute so as to get the best quality products. Because cordyceps sinensis is extremely expensive, many people are hunting for a fortune from selling counterfeited products. Once you use the product, you will not see any dried cordyceps benefits. In a better case, the fake dried cordyceps benefits may cause you no harm, but in the worse scenario, using fake medical supplements will lead to many health risks. Cordyceps sinensis health benefits are no doubt real. They can contribute to a significant increase in health and this is the reason why many are desperate for it. Before you decide to use this magical herbal medicine, it is needed to ask your doctor to see whether you should use the supplements and how much you should use every day to ensure the benefits of it as well as to avoid any possible risks.

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