Lip lift treatment is always a problem that has received a lot of attention from many people. Will it long-lasting? Let’s find more details in this article.

Lip lift is what makes you look more youthful than lip filler

Lip lift is what makes you look more youthful than lip filler / Ph. Pexels

When most people talk about lip enhancement, they think of lip fillers. Lip lift, a far-popular new surgical procedure, is breaking the barrier with permanently customizable and fully natural results with a “salmon mouth” or “duck lips” “insight.

Upper lip lift without surgery

Lip augmentation is now a common cosmetic surgery requirement which is ideal for patients who are tired of lip-related maintenance or want a more natural result. A 90-minute procedure is performed under local anesthesia in the plastic surgeon’s office and can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000.
During the surgery, the surgeon will engrave a strip of bull-shaped skin beneath the nostrils to pull the philtrum (the space between Cupid’s bow and the base of the nose). In doing so, the inner part of the upper lip is revealed and the shape and appearance of the pout are enhanced.

While the end result is a permanent lip curving, patience is needed in the recovery process. During the first five days after surgery, patients are encouraged to wear a surgical mask to conceal significant puffiness (tightness and tightness in the lip area is common) around the mouth.

Other lip procedures can also improve your lips in other ways. They create a balance between the upper and lower lip and lower lip with significant projection is also an option. These are quick procedures when an individual plan is created. The bottom line is that there is no lip problem, it is possible to easily achieve the golden ratio of the projection and the comparable volume between the upper and lower lips.
Does a lip lift make you look younger? Of course. With plump lips, lip lift is what makes you look more youthful than lip filler. So, make an assessment, if lip lift or filler is the best option for you. What are the pros and cons of each option? Fillers are minimally related to no downtime and may cause minimal discomfort. Modern fillers offer a variety of options for lip contours of the shape you want. The lip lift is long-lasting and provides natural shape.
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