Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, luxury handbags have been seen as a profitable investment.  Unlike the old days, buying and selling second hand goods is a hot trend pursued by fashion lovers which is considered a measure to protect the environment and promote the sustainable development of the fashion industry.

However, not every luxury bag model increases in price in the resale market.  Only some handbags have potential and are not always purchasable.  The resale price also depends on the newness, rare materials, and age of the bag.  Currently, Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags, Chanel 2.55 and 11.12 bags, Louis Vuitton Capucines and Neverfull bags are considered the most valuable investments regardless of the annual fashion season.


1- Hermès Birkin bag 

If you have some money to invest, consider the Hermès Birkin bag because it never loses its value.  According to Baghunter - a website specializing in buying and selling designer handbags, Birkin bags have yielded greater returns than stocks and gold over the past 35 years.  Comparing the three types of investments, Baghunter found that the stock market had an average nominal return of 11.66%, gold had an annualized rate of return of 1.9% while the value of those Birkin handbags investments reached 14.2%.  Birkin bags peaked in 2001 with a 25% increase.

2- Hermès Kelly bag

In addition to Birkin, fashion lovers can invest in Hermès Kelly bags - another "golden egg" of Hermès.  The Hermès Kelly bag line is older than Birkin Émile-Maurice Hermès - grandson of the brand's founder Thierry Hermès - designed in 1935. Initially, the model was named Sac à dépêches, then, in 1977, the bag was changed to Kelly when Princess Grace Kelly used a bag to cover her pregnant belly in front of the crowd.

What are the best designer bags to invest in 2022?What are the best designer bags to invest in 2022? / ph: pexels 

Like classic Chanel and Birkin models, the Hermès Kelly bags only increases, never decreases in value.  Depending on the material, size, and rarity, you can profit up to $5,000 when you resell Hermès Kelly bags. In limited editions such as Picnic Kelly, So Black Kelly bags, the resale price can be doubled or tripled from the original price.

3- Chanel 2.55 & Chanel 11.12 bags

With a design that never goes out of style, Chanel 2.55, 11.12 bags are the most loved bag models of all time. The designs are the dream accessory of most global fashion lovers with its delicate, elegant and convenient lines.  Since their inception in the 1950s until now, the classic bags of this French fashion house have not stopped increasing in price.  In the past two years, Chanel had six times to increase the price of classic bags in the UK, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.  Last year alone, within six months, the French fashion house had four times to increase the price of bags. From 2019 to now, the average price of a classic Chanel bag has increased from $6,500 to $8,900.

4- Louis Vuitton Capucines & Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbags

Born in 2013, Louis Vuitton Capucines bag is also one of the best price-keeping designer bags available today.  The design is named after the Neuve-des-Capucines street in Paris, the address of opening of Louis Vuitton's first boutique in 1854. A Capucines undergoes more than 300 distinct handcrafted steps and thousands more.  If you intend to invest in this line of bags, choose bags made from crocodile, ostrich, python, and iguana skin to be able to resell for double or triple the value.

In addition to the Capucines, Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is also in the group of safe designer bags for long-term investment.  Launched in 2007, Neverfull is currently priced at $1,400 and up for the classic canvas line, and $2,260 or more for the EPI leather line.  Every year, Louis Vuitton launches limited edition designs with rare materials, rich textures, and colors.  Those are the bags you should buy quickly if you want to resell them for double, triple or more.  In the normal versions, according to The Real Real, Neverfull has the ability to keep the price up to 91% compared to the original purchase price.


Over the past decade, handbags have regularly entered the top five in the annual luxury investments rankings by Knight Frank. However in 2020, such sought-after luxury handbags have topped the list of 10 popular luxury investments with 17% year-over-year growth.

luxury branded bags: A investment asset with profitability up to 17%

luxury branded bags: A investment asset with profitability up to 17% / ph: pexels 

The average price of luxury bags has changed this year, in the second quarter it was recorded a 4% increase compared to the same period last year, and is predicted to continue to increase over the next 10 years. Market watchers think that this will change consumer behavior.

According to the luxury goods experts, there are a few common factors that affect the price of collectibles, whether they are vintage cars, luxury watches or luxury handbags, are firstly the exclusivity and secondly the product state. However, “cultural capital” is also extremely important.  Before the pandemic, there were also waves of influences as pop culture;  K-pop in particular has certainly played an important part in driving the demand and resale prices of some models among K-pop artists and celebrities.

The remaining influencing factor is social networking platforms like TikTok, a hugely popular platform during the peak of pandemic, is definitely one of the factors driving demand for some styles.

Collectible handbags can start at affordable prices.  But in the high-end market, price isn't the only barrier to starting a collection.

One option for those unable to buy in person is to look in the resale market.  Even though the price has been increased, those who research well can still make a profit. Collectors say the key is to choose classic designs.

The resale price is also affected by the condition of the bag.  Factors include intact condition, original packaging and even original receipt.

One final factor to consider is that not all designer handbags will increase in price.  Only some handbags have the potential to increase in price, however these bags are not always easy to buy.


To create a complete Christian Dior bag, the craftsman has to go through many elaborate processes using high quality materials.  Therefore, the Christian Dior bag is always priced so high.

Dior is a brand founded by the renowned designer Christian Dior in 1946. Dior handbags are a huge brand of high value, receiving the special attention of many stars and is the dream of many women all over the world.

 This expensive Christian Dior bag certainly goes hand in hand with the craftsmen\'s "expensive" production processes.  Each bag is a piece of the puzzle, arranged, held together perfectly by the hands of the talented craftsmen Dior.

In addition to elaborate processing, the Dior brand regularly updates new models, making many stars in the world to "urgently" hunt to buy.  Here are some outstanding models of Christian Dior bag in recent years.


Why is Christian Dior bag so expensive?

This Christian Dior bag is minimalise but still embellish sophistication and class for its owner. / ph: Dior 

Launched in 1995, The Lady Dior handbag features a boxy, detachable handle with a metal hook.  This Christian Dior bag line was designed by Christian Dior inspired by the pattern on the seat of Emperor Napoleon III and the back of the armchair of King Louis XVI.

 Over the years, Lady Dior has been produced in different sizes and versions but retains its signature straps and box shape.

Not too fussy, this Christian Dior bag is aimed at minimalism but still embellish sophistication and class for its owner.

2.  J\'adior bag

Despite being introduced and released in the spring of 2017, J’adior has captured a lot of love from Dior brand fans in general and handbag lovers.  J’adior was quickly predicted to be one of the ‘IT Bags“ of 2017.

 It can be said that the Dior J’adior bag is a genuine feminist statement with a healthy design, personality but without Dior\'s soft charm.

 The Dior J\'adior line has 4 models: 3 models from Spring-Summer 2017 and a brand new model from Fall-Winter 2017. They are available in two prices: £ 2300 for the chain version and £1800.  

 In terms of design, the Dior J’adior bag has a rectangular shape, minimalistic lines, and at first glance is convenient.  The essence of the phrase J’adior is exquisitely designed with the desire to convey the message of honoring the beauty and personality of the woman.  This Christian Dior bag can be crossed or folded comfortably in your hand.

 Currently, the Dior J’adior bag is becoming a brand name that is enthusiastically welcomed by international stars or fashionista.

3. Dior SADDLE bag 

Why is Christian Dior bag so expensive?

This Christian Dior bag line developed into three very unique bags. / ph: Dior 

Because the bag design is designed to imitate the saddle, the name "Saddle" also comes from that.

 After nearly 20 years, the saddle bag was suddenly appeared in the Fall-Winter 2018 fashion show of Dior, the audience was really amazed by the new image of the Saddle bag in the signature design of 60\'s that is a bit of rebellion and impression.

 The 2018 saddle bag version not only has a short strap that is either side-by-side or hand-held, but can also be combined with a long strap to wear a cross.  The original details like the metal C and D on the handle and the D hanging on the bag are still retained.  In addition, Maria Grazia Chiuri has also developed this Christian Dior bag line into three very unique bags.

A small French fads\' saddle bag costs between 345 and 950 USD while a medium to large bag costs between 2,350 and 8,500 USD.

4. Dior Book Tote Dior Oblique Bag

The Dior Book Tote Dior Oblique Bag is one of the newest models of the Dior brand.  This Christian Dior bag has a large size, making it convenient to use and designed with a simple yet luxurious design.  Book Tote Oblique is made of canvas fabric embroidered with Dior brand name along the body of the bag, combined with the prominent Christian Dior in the middle of the bag.

 The Dior Book Tote Dior Oblique is priced at 2,700 USD, is considered as a bag that can hold the world by its large design and open pocket, fits everything that needs to be carried out on the street.


The name 30 Montaigne is derived from the mansion at address 30 on Avenue Montaigne, Paris.  This is the starting point of the illustrious couture house Christian Dior.

 Dior 30 Montaigne is available in two versions.  A version with youthful color, costs about 3,550 USD.  The second version is made of Oblique canvas with leather pattern and costs $2,950.

With a luxurious appearance and new Oblique motifs, this nearly hundred million bag of Dior is very popular with stars.  Many street style pictures shared by beauties have the appearance of this famous cult Christian Dior bag.

 This Christian Dior bag model is also always welcomed by fans.  From supermodels like Miranda Kerr, actress Jessica Alba, Angelababy to famous fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni.  Youthful design, can hold many items but not too big.  It is considered very suitable for modern and dynamic girls.

6. Diorama

Diorama bags are known as IT bags of the year 2015, with the target audience of "attractive and trendy women".  Contemporary art in each different style, in harmony with the sharp, architectural style makes Diorama a work of art with the spirit of innovation in the future.

 The Diorama bag model is also loved by many stars.


Buying designer handbags is a profitable investment if you own Hermès Evelyne or Birkin.

1. Hermès Evelyne

9 high-value designer handbags - even being used

Hermès Evelyne III 29 bag / ph: Hermès 

Hermès Evelyne bag is one of the most popular designs.  It was first introduced in 1978, for horse-riding storage.  

In 2000, Evelyne was re-interested and became a favorite accessory for fashion followers.  Compact, convenient is the advantage of the above design.  

It is believed that Hermès Evelyne is still valuable despite being used.

2. Hermès Himalaya Kelly 25

This is not new information for handbag lovers.  Hermès is a luxury brand with top product resale prices.  

It is report that the used Hermès bags only lose about 15% of their value.  Also, rare designs like the Himalayas are much more precious.  It was bought for $241,800 at an auction last year.

3. Hermès Birkin

With a long waiting list, the Birkin is an iconic bag for the elite.  Also because it is difficult to buy, the need to own a Birkin by the rich increases.  Birkin\'s resale price varies depending on material and condition.  It is even higher than the in-store purchasing price.

4. Louis Vuitton OnTheGo Tote Limited Edition

This bag is versatile and equally luxurious.  It\'s been sold since 2020.

As OnTheGo is available in limited quantities, it\'s hard to buy the above design at regular retail stores.  That rarity is also the reason why bags become hot in the resale market.

5. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag was launched in 2007 but is still sought after.  On Designer Vintage, this deigner bag is reduced by 20% in value only if in good condition. 

6. Chanel Classic Single Flap Bag Quilted Caviar Mini

This is a classic bag.  It has been loved since the 1980s. In 2019, the value of this accessory increased 53% on the Rebag page.

7. Chanel Boy

Launched in 2011, Chanel Boy quickly won the hearts of many celebrities such as Beyonce, Blake Lively ... The resale price of this design increased because of the change in the price of the shelf.

8. Dior Book Tote

9 high-value designer handbags - even being used

Dior Book Tote bags are the embodiment of casual elegance / ph: Dior 

This designer handbag was designed by creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri in 2018. Once used, the accessory still retains 98% of its value.

9. Saint Laurent Loulou

It is report that Saint Laurent is one of 5 designer brands with high product value in the resale market.  Therefore, the Loulou bag is quite worth a try for fashion followers.


While many luxury items devalued, the Hermes Birkin bag line remained stable and become a profitable investment amid the stressful happening of Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the pandemic, the number of Birkins sold is increasing.  It is worth mentioning, the price of this bag has never been cheap or discounted.  Even when supply exceeded demand, Hermes Birkin was still an icon.

 Milan Station, one of Hong Kong\'s oldest luxury stores, reported that the number of Hermes bags sold increased by 30% in the past two months.

The French luxury giant does not seem affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The French luxury brand still lives well compared to competitors such as LV, Dior ...

According to financial reports from the company, Hermès said the 2020\'s first-quarter revenue was $1.64 billion, down only about $100 million from the previous year.

 The drop was less severe than that of rival luxury conglomerates like LVMH and Kering.  The two fashion giants both announced a 15% or more decrease in sales in the first three months of 2020.

After going through the pandemic, Hermes Birkin was not just an icon of status, the Hermes bag from the French fashion house becomes a super profitable investment like gold - something rarely devalued during a recession.

What is the reason why Hermes Birkin always remains attractive?

Why does Hermes Birkin always remain attractive?

Why Hermes Birkin always remains attractive? / ph: [email protected]

I. Hermes Birkin bag is an attractive charm

For a long time, Birkin bags are famous for their handmade design, with a variety of styles, colors and designs.  Therefore, each bag has an unique, luxurious feeling.  "Having money doesn\'t help you to buy Hermes Birkin" is the message conveyed by the super-rich.

The French luxury brand will see the records of the things you have bought. If you are in close contact with the assistant and regularly in contact with the sales person, you will find it easier to buy a bag than a brand-new face with a deposit of money in the store.  

To buy a Hermes Birkin bag, it is normal for customers to wait from a few months to a year.  Recently, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, many stores were closed and production lines were also halted.  Ordering and receiving the Birkin bag took longer than usual.

 This exclusivity has increased the value of luxury bags line, especially in China.  After reopening, the first Hermes store in Guangzhou achieved record sales of 2.7 million USD/day.

It is reported that a super-rich lady in China is willing to spend $350,000 to own a Himalaya Birkin studded with 240 diamonds - similar to a Birkin bag that billionaire Nita Ambani showed off earlier.

The women fascinated by the Birkin bag are often middle-aged women, not too bothered by the price of the bag.

 However, over the past few years, a generation of wealthy, self-financed young women has emerged and made up a large share of the number of Birkin bag buyers.  Many men who see Hermes as a lucrative investment also enter this market.

Therefore, Hermes gradually erases the gender boundaries and becomes a symbol of wealth and social status.

II. Hermes Birkin is as stable as gold 

The Birkin bag line is accounting for more than 50% of the Hermes brand\'s total sales.  Online sales site Baghunter says the average value of Birkin bag has increased 14% over the past 35 years.

 This proves that the Birkin bag is more stable than gold.  The representative of Baghunter also said that Hermes Birkin is now the property with the least volatility.

It is report that in 2020, the online platform Rally Road securitized and converted high-value assets into shares in the form of an IPO.  Among them, antiques, wine, whiskey, rare cars and vintage Rolex watches are included in the catalog.

 Rally Road also wants to attract women by partnering with retailer Prive Porter in Florida to  provide 20 Hermes Birkin and use it as an investment out of the 150 properties listed.

 This initiative makes Rally Road profitable from the price increase of items, including Hermes Birkin.  This is a sign that more and more people are aware that Birkin is a financial instrument similar to stocks and securities.

For many years, the Asian market was the place that brought in huge revenue and profits for Hermes.  As the world struggled to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, and China\'s retail traffic gradually recovered, 11 Hermes Birkin stores in China reopened.

Meanwhile, in some countries such as Singapore, Australia, and Thailand, Hermes stores have to close for a second time due to the wave of epidemic and government restrictions.

 Since entering the Chinese market in 1996, this French luxury brand has had foresight, affirming a smart and exclusive investment.  That is reflected in the store\'s refurbishment towards luxury, good service, and especially for long-awaited customers to own Hermes Birkin.

In 2019, on the Twilly d\'Hermès launch at Cha House, Shanghai, Hermes held a two-day sale at the famous building.  Two days before the event, the brand created a campaign on WeChat so that customers could book online at the event - a smart way to convert online leads to real-life activities.

Hermes Birkin still proves its increasing value.  During the Covid-19 pandemic season, the Hermes bag line continued to show power and was regarded as a currency which contributed significantly from the Chinese market.  

How to engage the younger generation in the Hermes classic bag line is the next question that Hermes has to address.


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