Worldwide, the number of people suffering from depression increases rapidly every day and 48% of depressed people have suicidal thoughts, and 24% of those who commit suicide are reported to have not received prior treatment assistance. In Vietnam, about 30% of the population has mental disorders, in which the proportion of depression accounts for 25%. Each year, the number of people committing suicide due to depression in our country ranges from 36,000 to 40,000. It is estimated that about 200 people are examined and treated for depression / day. These are alarming numbers, ringing alarm bells about the danger of this disease.


What is depression?

Depression is a psychological disease related to the nervous system. The disease tends to increase in modern society, when people are under a lot of pressures in life such as money, work, study, love … Long-term depression can have a great impact on chimpanzees. god and the health of the sick person and the loved one around. More dangerously, patients with severe depression can lead to the ability to think deeply and commit suicide.


Depression - time to ring the alarm

Depression can be dangerous if it is not given proper attention / ph: pexels@Rafael Serafim


Signs of depression

Depression has two main signs that can be observed or noticed:

One is a sad mood, maybe even crying or pessimistic about everything.

The second is that the patient is unmotivated, losing interest in everything, including activities that were previously their hobbies.

In addition to these two symptoms, there are also noticeable manifestations such as: sleep disturbance (sleeping less or sleeping more than usual, insomnia); eat more or less than usual; easily agitated, slow, guilt, disappointed by themselves; tired, difficult to concentrate in solving simple everyday problems; Or even think about death, or come up with ideas for death …

In some other cases, it is not possible to perform basic activities in daily activities. Or there are cases of more hallucinations, delusions. however, it is necessary to evaluate and distinguish symptoms of depression from other conditions. For example, people with diabetes, cancer, heart disease are also often tired, lose weight, have anorexia … but not be depressed.


The cause of depression

There are many reasons as follows:

Stress, prolonged pressure: Prolonged stress and anxiety will make psychological imbalance; or psychological trauma such as bereavement shock, bankruptcy, emotional conflicts … easily cause depression.

Genetics: Few people know that depression has a genetic factor. If a parent has depression, the risk of the child getting it is higher than the average person.

Affected by a number of diseases: some neurological diseases such as traumatic brain injury, brain tumor, catastrophe, dementia … also easily cause the patient to fall into depression.

Women are more susceptible than men: Women take on more social and family work, and take care of children. These pressures make them more susceptible to depression than men; Especially postpartum women are very susceptible if they are not cared for and shared.

Insomnia: Frequent insomnia increases the risk of depression; also worsens symptoms.


How to deal with depression?

Treatment with psychotherapy: care, share, sympathy, closeness, help the patient

Treatment with physical therapy: massage therapy, acupuncture, …

Drug treatment: There are many types of antidepressants, but family members and patients do not buy and use it voluntarily. Must be examined and prescribed by a psychiatrist to be used.