The Proton Therapy Centre in Prague is a leading global health care facility and the most advanced proton therapy provider in Europe.

Since 2012 our services have already been sought by clients from 25 countries worldwide. In addition, the experience of our experts is used by a number of foreign sites.

The Proton Therapy Center is prepared to provide a treatment for 2500 patients a year. We have 4 treatment rooms for our disposal. We use state-of-the-art active scanning techniques.

The Proton Therapy Center in Prague offers advanced technology solutions in the fight against many different types of cancer with a consequent reduction in potential side effects, with Pencil Beam technology and its high levels of accuracy being at the forefront of the treatment options available here.

We guarantee top quality of treatment, and therefore we use the most advanced diagnostic equipment, such as computed tomography (CT scanning), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scanning) and positron emission tomography combined with computed tomography (PET/CT scanning).

If you chose to be treated in the Proton Therapy Center in Prague, we will provide first-class medical care with excellent treatment success. Personal access to every client we are completing with high-quality service, so you can enjoy your stay in Prague – one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

What are the options of cancer treatment?

Today’s medicine is using 3 major ways to treat the cancer. Operation, pharmacotherapy (chemotherapy) and radiotherapy (irradiation). Radiotherapy is the most economical treatment method with relatively high healing effect. In developed countries, it is currently used in 50-60% of oncology patients and the number is still growing. Of these, about one-third of cancer patients are treated separately with radiotherapy, and nearly two thirds of patients are treated with radiotherapy in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy or biological targeted therapy.

Today’s radiotherapy uses mainly photon or proton irradiation.

Proton is intelligent and seeks its target. It distinguishes between tissues and the tumour. It can protect organs needed to live fully. Unlike photons, which disregard everything when travelling through the body and damage anything in their way. These are key differences.

You cannot change physics, but you can use and master its principles. And that is what proton therapy does.

If you were diagnosed for radiotherapy, ask for the safest option – proton therapy!

Proton Therapy

Proton therapy involves the use of protons, i.e. positively charged elementary particles in the nucleus of hydrogen atoms, which are accelerated in a cyclotron to about half the speed of light. This gives them energy capable of destroying tumours at a depth of up to 30 centimetres.

Protons are then directed into a very narrow beam (PBS) by a strong magnetic field and transferred to the tumour with a high degree of accuracy. As they brake in the tu­mour tissue, their energy is released, ionization occurs and the DNA of the affected cell is damaged. Once damaged, the cancer cell loses its ability to divide and grow, or otherwise dies immediately.

The main benefit of the proton beam is that the biggest portion of its energy is deposited directly inside the tumour, where maximum effect is achieved. It is called “the Bragg peak” – the proton only irradiates the tumour, not the area behind it, and only very little of the area in front is irradiated. Since the patient is irradiated from all directions and the beam intensity can be easily modulated, it contributes to a further reduction of the treatment’s adverse effects.

Thanks to the Bragg peak – low input dose, maximum energy dose at the required depth and zero output dose – it is possible to increase the radiation dose in the tumour above the level of conventional methods and, on the contrary, to reduce the dose affecting the surrounding tissue, not affected by cancer. This is one of the greatest benefits of proton therapy.

Diagnoses we treat

Brain and CNS

If you have brain cancer, it is important to choose the gentlest irradiation technique. Proton therapy reduces the burden on surrounding tissues compared to conventional radiotherapy by up to 50%. The most important thing is to come and see us as soon as possible and we will manage the rest together.

Proton therapy is one of the gentlest and safest treatment modalities in the world, and we have state-of-the-art technology in our center. Proton therapy for brain tumors reduces the risk of possible side effects and permanent sensory disorders. It helps maintain the quality of vision, hearing, intellectual and endocrine functions.

Head and Neck

Proton therapy is the best solution for head and neck cancer. Due to excellent treatment results, protons are the preferred choice for both doctors and patients. The most important thing is to come and see us as soon as possible and we will manage the rest together.

Proton therapy is the most advanced and gentlest cancer treatment while also minimizing side effects. Compared to conventional radiation, it has been proven to protect your senses – sight, hearing and taste. Moreover, it protects neurocognitive functions such as the intellect, memory, and speed of thinking.


Do you have prostate cancer? Proton Center has helped thousands of patients with excellent results. The most important thing is that you come and see us as soon as possible, and we will manage the rest together.

Proton therapy is the most modern and gentle treatment of cancer with minimum side effects. The demonstrable success rate of proton therapy is 99%. Compared to conventional treatment, our patients have no problems with impotence and incontinence, results that are not achieved by any other treatment.


Have you been diagnosed with lung cancer? Proton therapy is suitable for non-small cell lung carcinoma, which accounts for about 75-80% of lung tumors. The most important thing is to come to see us as soon as possible, and we will manage the rest together.

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, we are ready to help you.

In the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, proton therapy makes it possible to deliver a radiation dose to the tumor that is effective for its destruction. This increases the chance of an overall cure, while saving healthy tissues and organs in the area surrounding the tumor. Proton therapy is the gentlest irradiation method available.


If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and your treatment should include irradiation, ask for proton therapy. Proton therapy is used to irradiate the breast after surgery, in a targeted and gentle way, to protect the heart, lungs, spinal cord and the second breast, while significantly reducing the risk of secondary tumors.

If radiation therapy is supposed to be a part of the treatment, it is important to choose the gentlest technique. Proton therapy enables to reduce the radiation delivered to the surrounding tissues, especially heart and lungs. Delivering the necessary dose to the tumor bed after resection increases the chance of permanent cure.

Proton therapy protects women from the side effects of conventional irradiation and gives them the chance to enjoy good quality of life after treatment without an increased risk of late side effects, such as myocardial infarction, heart problems, development of pulmonary fibrosis or secondary tumors from radiation.


Do you have digestive tract cancer? At Proton Center, more than two thousand patients have been treated with good results, including those with digestive tract cancer. The most important thing is to come and see us as soon as possible and we will manage the rest together.

Proton radiotherapy is a safe treatment modality. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide proton therapy. We can even treat tumors for which radiation treatment was complicated and associated with high risk. These include tumors of the esophagus, pancreas, liver, and rectal sphincter.


Proton Center has already helped more than two thousand patients with excellent results. The most important thing is to come and see us as soon as possible, and we will manage the rest together.

Have you been diagnosed with lymphoma? The prognosis of lymphoma is often very good. Thanks to precise targeting, proton therapy gives patients a high chance of cure.


Finding out that your child has cancer needn’t be devastating. We are here to give your child a chance to live a normal and healthy life with the state-of-the-art technology of proton therapy.

We know that you are going through an extremely hard time, but it is important for you be aware of all treatment options. If radiation therapy is appropriate for your child, you may want to use the most effective and gentlest method of contemporary medicine.

More than 80% of pediatric patients are successfully cured today. We are here to give your child a chance to reduce the possible side effects of radiation therapy through state-of-the-art proton therapy.

The treating oncologist, in cooperation with other specialists, will chose the optimal treatment procedure.

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