Botox injection is a commonly used procedure. It is very popular in men’s beauty treatment.


In recent years, botox injection for rejuvenation has become a beauty trend for men


Male beauty treatments 


Botox is the abbreviation for Botulinum Toxin type A – a product manufactured by an American company. This is considered as an amino acid extracted from the bacterium Clostridium has been used in cosmetology for a long time. But in recent years, botox injection for rejuvenation has become a trend of men beauty.

Beautifying the testicles with botox has become popular all over the world.  According to experts, the number of people performing this beauty method has doubled in some European countries. The method of injecting botox into the testicles is thought to work to make the wrinkled skin of the scrotum become firmer, reduce moisture, reduce wrinkles and testicles look larger.

Scrotox is not a method they have proposed because it is quite dangerous and has many complications. However, these beauty needs are increasingly concerned by the gentlemen. So that if patients have problems with wrinkles or sagging skin on their scrotum, it’s best to see a surgeon for advice. This method helps the wrinkly skin of the scrotum of men become firmer, even the testes look bigger.


botox injection for rejuvenation has become a trend of men beauty / ph: Pexels@Thaís Silva


In addition to the high botox for men’s forehead cost, the drawback of this beauty method is that the results may not be as expected as it depends on each body of each. In addition to the trend of injecting botox into the genital area, men inject botox into the face to relax muscles. That helps them have a relaxed face, calm, less stress, more favorable at work.

Botox has been a beauty treatment for best male facial aesthetics. Furthermore, the same as women, men also want to beautify their private parts to increase confidence with partners which show that their demand for men’s aesthetic treatments are increasing.