There was a growing demand to stretch the skin around aging knees and elbows. The beauty and aesthetic industry improves the techniques for firming the face, hands, neck, and decolletes. However, the elbows and knees are sagging, once ignored, is also a sign of marked aging.

Modified techniques can bring significant improvements in the elbows and knees / Ph. Pinterest

Adipose tissue around the knee can be treated monthly

Modified techniques commonly used on the face and neck can bring significant improvements in the elbows and knees. Natural elbows and knees have loose skin to allow joint movement. Over time, the skin on these joints is damaged by sun damage, friction, and recurring and bending recurrences, causing loose and aging skin.

An aesthetic treatment that combines skin texture, collagen damage, rhythm, and fat deposition is the most effective method for rejuvenating the knees and elbows.

For loose knees and elbows with loose skin, minimally invasive light and radiofrequency treatments are useful in increasing collagen production and tissue firmness.

Similarly, micro-focused ultrasound has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for skin stretching on the knees. However, compared to the face, the skin around the elbows and knees may be thinner and have fewer sebaceous glands. Caution should be exercised when using minimally invasive radiofrequency techniques to protect epidermal skin. Usually, the treatments must be repeated to give optimal results, this is not clear until 3-6 months after the initial procedure.

For severely loose knee skin, a comprehensive approach using polydioxanone (PDO) or poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA) in both upper and lower thighs around the knees provides collagen production and tightening of the loose skin.

Treatment of upper thighs is essential in providing a vector to lift the knee skin.

Treatments can be repeated, with results seen after 90 days. Lifting thread of knees and thighs is highly effective, non-invasive procedure with little or no downtime and can be used for severe loose skin, wrinkles and thinning of the knee skin.

With the increasing demand for body rejuvenation techniques, suppliers are adjusting the aesthetic treatment used for face and neck for lifting, firming, thinning and sculpting of knees and elbows. An integrated approach to using lasers, ultrasound, fillers, threads and cryolipolysis may be effective for these areas. People have to be patient because the results are not visible for 6 months or more.

Pay attention to these beauty therapies for proper application.

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