Counterfeit Botox is one of the worries of many aesthetic lovers today. This article will help you avoid it.

Over the past few years, skin fillers have gained a foothold in the global aesthetic market. The reason for this is not so far-fetched – if there is anything that works as well as they did for aesthetics, they will also be sold well.

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Like any other selling product, skin fillers have been counterfeited by retail vendors.

This situation is not only a big concern for legitimate manufacturers, sellers, and distributors, but also end users. Anyway, nothing to say could be wrong when you inject an inferior substance into the skin.

Currently, there are ways to avoid counterfeit botox that we would like to give to you:

Get in touch

One of the signs that a fake website/e-commerce platform is missing contact details. Even if they do, they won’t have anyone at the end. That’s because they never care about providing you with customer service from the beginning, to rip you out. Therefore, it is recommended to try to reach out first.

If they do not have a strong communication plan or do not answer, it is usually a red flag.

Search product identification

The medical industry has been standardized to the extent that many devices and drugs come with identification cards. These codes are available to allow easy tracking and tracking of products back to their manufacturers and product lines.

These identifiers are not hidden and will always be on the packaging. If you can’t find it there, it’s painful to ask the prophet about it. If the seller still can’t deliver, you should instead buy from another supplier.

Location is important

Location is always crucial, even when you are buying online. Most of the legitimate companies with online outlets have a brick-and-mortar establishment where they can be checked out. If this is true for the online vendor, you usually have nothing to worry about. Likewise, check for where they ship their products.

Compare prices

If a skin filler is being sold at a ridiculously low price, you should not ignore it as a sign. It does not mean that legitimate businesses do not offer substantial discounts over time. However, distributors of these products receive it from manufacturers in a specific price range (usually fixed or slightly changed based on purchase volume).

Therefore, devaluation is too good to be a setting – you should avoid.

Social media

A quality company will find it necessary to have a social media account. So do well to test that provider on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Again, it’s one thing to have a social media account, and that’s another thing to run a functional report. Make sure the company posts regularly and responds to their customers’ comments.

Moreover, you should consider other factors such as special features, social proof, and reviews from reputable sites.

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