Everyone wants to get a great body with a toned abominal appearance. Despite having a good diet and workout routine, some of them are not able to create the classic “six-pack abs” physique or three-vertical-line abdomen. Therefore, a method named abdominal etching was introduced to help these patients deal with their problems. It is said to be one of the most effective ways for both men and women in creating “six-pack abs”.

Six Pack Surgery For Men  and Women / Ph: Dr Monisha Kapoor

About abdominal etching

According to the paper by Tarik M.Husain, MD, FACS of University of Miami Leonard M.Miller School of Medicine and colleagues, abdominal etching, which uses precisely targeted liposuction is a novel method of sculpting an ideal abdomen. It is also a safe and effective procedure for those who want to achieve greater definition of the abdominal muscles.

A study of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported that abdominal etching could help create a defined anterior abdominal wall in both men and female patients/ Ph: Dr. Monisha Kapoor

About the Liposuction Technique

A group of researchers started a survey including 26 men and 24 women, average age 36 years old about their experience after using liposuction technique. All of them were in good shape with a healthy diet and regular workout routine but were not able to build the abdominal muscle definition due to their “ certain resistant areas of fat”.

The study showed that the plastic surgeons had followed meticulous liposuction technique to sculpt the abdominal fat in both the superficial and deeper layers in both sexes. Furthermore, patients can choose to use shallow, soft, hard or defined degree of abdominal etching due to their needs.


There is a video illustrating key aspects of the procedure for plastic surgeons on the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery/ Ph: Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery

Authors explain each critical step in such a detailed way for postoperative care. The newly etched lines are compressed in at least three days before being full-time compression for two weeks postoperatively. Patients also need to follow up early on to assess for any fluid seromas or collections.

After two weeks, patients can take some light exercise and after one month, they can do more rigorous one. In order to get “six-pack abs” in long-term, patients should need the assistance of a sports nutritionist or integrated medicine physician. The researchers pressed that no one in the 50 patients of the survey had to return to the operating room for major complications. Only 22 percent of them use minor complications like contour irregularities to soften up and improve the skin over time.

Totally, nowadays, it is no longer difficult to create “six-pack abs”. Thanks to abdominal etching with liposuction technique, people can achieve their goal to maintain long-term etched abdominals.