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Fast, effective, long-lasting results

Easily remove unwanted hair and stay smoother for longer.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal


We understand the difficulties that excess, unwanted body hair or facial hair can cause. Shaving, waxing and epilating are time-consuming, painful, short-term options. Laser Hair Removal is a long-lasting, cost-effective solution to a common problem that can be inconvenient, embarrassing and upsetting.

  • PainlessNo anaesthetic, no downtime, no scars
  • QuickEach session takes less than 45 minutes
  • Long LastingSmoother skin for longer
  • AccurateTargets hairs with expert precision for superior results
  • Fluctuating hormones can affect hair growth in women, particularly during pregnancy and menopause
  • A common condition called Hirsutism causes excess hair growth in women
  • Some ethnicities experience thicker and more noticeable hair growth than others
  • Body hair can interfere with certain sports, particularly swimming and cycling
  • Certain careers benefit from the comfort/convenience of long-lasting hair removal, for example, lifeguards, cabin crew, models, military servicemen and women, catering staff
  • Unwanted hair can conceal tattoos and body piercings

Treatment Areas

Our advanced Laser treatment can get rid of unwanted hair accurately and effectively from almost any part of the face or body. Click below to view the most popular treatment areas:


Upper Body

Lower Body

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