Collagen is actually a protein that is essential for the growth of the body and also our appearance. Look at the collagen levels of the body, we can see how young or old we look. If you are among those trying to look younger than your real age, meaning that you are trying to increase the collagen levels inside your body, then you should not skip this article with the best ways to boost collagen naturally.

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1. Quit Smoking

This is actually one of the most amazingly useful ways to boost collagen levels that everyone should not skip!
Smoking is always bad for the human health, including the skin health. It is always simple to spot a smoker due to their skin state. Smokers typically come with pale and saggy complexion and a lot of wrinkles as smoking can create nasty enzymes that could pose some damages to the collagen production inside our body.

2. Consume Less Sugar

The excess sugar intake can lead to a process named glycation. The excessive levels of sugar inside the blood can attach to collagen molecules and create advanced glycation end products – the substances that can cause symptoms and signs of the natural or premature aging process.

3. Increase Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for skin health – it is really necessary for the collagen production. The more vitamin C abundant foods like tomatoes, broccoli, citrus, and kale you consume, the better your body and health would become. This is also a great one out on the list of ways to boost collagen that can work effectively for everyone.

4. Plant Proteins

Going along with the natural aging process in women, the estrogen levels inside women’s body could drop. This is a natural thing to face, but it can negatively affect the body, as well as leading to a corresponding collagen levels’ drop as this substance is indispensable for our body to produce collagen. To get your estrogen levels boosted noticeably, try taking plant estrogens, which could be consumed from hummus, nuts, pinto beans, and soy.

5. Exfoliate On A Regular Basis

This is the last one out on the list of the best ways to boost collagen that people should not skip at all costs!
In fact, the exfoliation of dead skin cells on the body can help to encourage our body a lot in boosting the skin cell renewal and the production of collagen at the same time. People can make use of many simple ways to exfoliate the skin, such as using natural ingredients, such as seeds, sugar, and sea salt. There are many simple to apply recipes that people can make and implement at home using these natural ingredients. Moreover, people can also make use of chemical exfoliation, such as using lactic acid and glycolic acid. They will give you even greater and faster results as you desired before.

The entire list today introduces 5 best ways to boost collagen that everyone who wants to keep young look should make use right from today. Try the tips yourself and get a brand new appearance!