Nowadays, medicinal herbs have become a common and popular treatment for diabetes. Here are 3 of the most effective medicinal herbs for diabetes treatment.


1- Gurmar : One of good medicinal herbs for diabetes


3 medicinal herbs good for diabetes you should not ignore

Gurmar helps regulate blood sugar levels for diabetes patients


Gurmar is a creeper, first found in India, since ancient times people have used it to treat diabetes.

Currently, the Gurmar has become a widely used medicinal herb in the treatment of diabetes, either from folk remedies or mixed with other herbs.

By blocking sugar absorption in intestine and stimulating the pancreas to produce sugar-metabolizing hormones, Gurmar can effectively regulate blood sugar levels.

In addition, the GS4 found in the Gurmar may boost the ability to produce sugar-metabolizing hormones by regenerating pancreatic beta cells.

This is especially good for people with diabetes, especially diabetes type 2 treatment.


2- Bitter melon : One of leading medicinal herbs for diabetes


3 medicinal herbs good for diabetes you should not ignore

Bitter melon is proven to be a very good herb for diabetes treatment. 


In Oriental Medicine, bitter melon is considered a fruit that has the effect of cooling, cooling the liver, detoxifying, reducing blood fat, reducing blood sugar and reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications, peripheral neuropathy,..

Patients can use bitter melon to eat directly, get juice, bitter melon tea, processed into dishes … both creating delicious and rich meals support diabetes treatment very effectively.


3- Aloe vera : One of “easy-to-use” medicinal herbs for diabetes


3 medicinal herbs good for diabetes you should not ignore

Aloe vera is one of extremely effective medicinal herbs for diabetes


Aloe vera is cool, bitter taste has the effect of detoxifying, clearing heat, cooling liver, lowering blood, hemostasis, laxative …

This plant has a great effect in supporting the blood pressure related complications in diabetes patients, contributing to stabilizing blood sugar, overcoming symptoms of dysuria, frequent urination, temper, irritability …

Aloe vera is a very popular plant, often used when cooking dishes or supporting women beauty. In addition, aloe vera contains a large amount of beneficial pharmaceutical substance for diabetes.

For diabetes patients, every day just need to use 20grams of fresh aloe leaves to eat raw or grind for drinking water.

Using folk remedies from natural herbs often has no side effects, but when building your own remedy, needing the right decoction or the right recipe then it will work.

On the other hand, using too much is not really good for health.

So the natural herbs drawn from the remedy include precious medicinal herbs such as Gurmar, Bitter melon and aloe vera… is the right choice for many diabetes patients.

As a silent killer and leaving many dangerous complications in diabetes patients, diabetes needs to be detected and treated early.

In addition to checking blood sugar and visiting doctor regularly, diabetes patients can refer to some effective medicinal herbs for diabetes without leaving side effects to achieve the best results.