15 ways to distinguish real Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton Handbags are one of the expensive brand accessories loved by fashionista.  But with sophisticated counterfeiting technology, it is necessary to know how to distinguish real Louis Vuitton bag to avoid falling into the situation of "money loss and disability.

With expensive accessories like Louis Vuitton handbags, you need to make sure that the money you spend is worthy of getting genuine products.  So here are 15 ways to distinguish authentic and real Louis Vuitton bag that you should apply before deciding to buy.

15 ways to distinguish authentic Louis Vuitton bags

How to identify the true fake Louis Vuitton handbag?

15 ways to identify the real Louis Vuitton bag

1. Check the origin of Louis Vuitton bags

The famous Louis Vuitton brand was established and developed in France, but in the past 25 years, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennssy Group has opened more production locations in countries such as USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and  Spain.  So not only the products that say "Made in Frence" is real Louis Vuitton bag because they are also manufactured in the country as mentioned above.

2. Check the logo printed on the Louis Vuitton handbag

Since it is a very expensive high-end product, the quality and color of the product is exclusive and difficult to fake.  So next look at the logo printed on the product.
 The first is about color, the LV logo of the genuine bag will be a medium light yellow color, not too dark or too light, with a luxurious, durable ink color that does not smudge the outside.

Next is the position of the LV logo, with the standard auth logo handbag always located in the middle of the bag, without any difference or up and down or background (except for bags with vintage designs).  With poor quality counterfeit products will not be careful and meticulous, the logo is often not symmetrical, the unusual size and color will be uneven looking closely.
 However, with the product Ellipse Louis Vuitton handbag is an exception because it is sewn horizontally or vertically so notice will see two different logo sides.

3. Check carefully every stitch on the Louis Vuitton bag

To check the stitches on the bag, you should watch live or if you buy online, ask the seller to take a lot of photos with the clearest and most angular lines so that it can be compared to the main Louis Vuitton bag  real brand or not.
 If you see sloppy, irregular seams, it is 100% fake.  Because the seam of genuine luxury brand bags is extremely meticulous, there is never even the slightest error, the stitches are evenly aligned with no redundancy, all look perfect.

One way of distinguishing a real Louis Vuitton bag from stitching is by sewing the SPI (the number of stitches in 1 inch of stitch / stitch density).  Louis Vuitton handbags will have a higher SPI than counterfeit bags for a higher quality and reliability.

In Louis Vuitton's leather garment factory, there is a team of staff who only count stitches on the strap, so when it is discovered that any product lacks a nose, it will be destroyed immediately.  Do not let defective goods slip out.  Make sure all products are evenly perfect.

4. Check for uniformity of printed strokes on the bag

Real Louis Vuitton bag standard always has clear, uniform and balanced lines printed on the bag.  So let's look closely at the whole picture, if they don't match the chances of being fake is very high.

5. Check the upside down LV logo behind the bag

Not all, but most Louis Vuitton handbags have an upside down LV logo on the back of the bag, often in one-piece designs with no seams around, Speedy, Keepalls and  Papillons.

6. Check the handle of the bag

Louis Vuitton handbags are made from natural cowhide so they are very good and side, no protective plastic wrap outside.  Meanwhile, with fake goods bags will need this plastic layer to ensure reliability.  With this detail you can completely recognize.

7. Check the product's lining

One more way to distinguish real Louis Vuitton bag is the inner lining.  Genuine handbags will be woven with suede or canvas material that is very durable and beautiful, so be sure to check the product information on its website to compare with the product you will buy.

The fake lining bags are made of cheap materials, which can be easily recognized after comparing with the pictures on the website Louis Vuitton posted.

8. Check the zipper of the real Louis Vuitton bag

Every tiny detail of an expensive luxury handbag has always been meticulous and exclusive.  With the standard real Louis Vuitton bag you will see the LV logo stamped lock, the zipper part is only designed with gold or copper gold metal, the touch feels heavy and cool.  Zipping is also very easy and smooth from the very first use.
 So to distinguish the real Louis Vuitton bag the best, do not ignore these small details, try the zipper several times to see its reliability.

9. Check font information on the bag

In the information section of the bag you can also pay attention to see if it is a real product or not.  Typefaces like "o, e, a" are very rounded, not oval in shape.  The letters "d" and "L" are slightly taller than the letters "E" and "B".  The U has no underlining and the aperture index for this piece of information is 13x8 (13 horizontal and 8 vertical).

10. Check data code of Louis Vuitton handbags

Each real Louis Vuitton bag contains a data code and a serial number, never a model number.  Real Louis Vuitton products always have a 6-digit serial letter or date of manufacture.

From left to right will be 2 alphanumeric characters and last 4 digits are numbers.  And must comply with the following rules:
 ✓ 3rd character can only be 0 or 1
 ✓ 4th character can only be 8, 9 or 0
 ✓ The 5th and 6th characters are numbers 0-9
 ✓ For its products with multiple colors it must end with the number 3, 4 or 5 and without exception.  So if you see that Louis Vuitton bags from 2007 fall to this standard, you need to reconsider.

11. real Louis Vuitton bag does not hang labels

This is the easiest and most accurate way to distinguish fake Louis Vuitton bags and that is that genuine products will never hang a label on the outside of the product.  Handbag models always have an attached tag, but are placed in an inner pocket and stored in an envelope with the receipt.

12. Check colors on Louis Vuitton bags

For Louis Vuitton multi-colo genuine products there are up to 33 colors represented in 9 letters LV and 24 flowers in different colors.  Meanwhile, the fake products will only make a maximum of 20 colors.

13. Understanding the price of standard real Louis Vuitton bag

So far, the Louis Vuitton brand has never discounted a single item during promotions or year-end deals, and there are no sample discounts.  The company only sells preferential prices to employees with an extremely limited number of products and is tight-lipped with product lines that are more than 3 years old.

Every year, Louis Vuitton releases special-styled models with extremely limited quantities and "heavenly" prices for the wealthy.  So to buy a real Louis Vuitton bag at the lowest price possible is to go to the nearest Louis Vuitton retailer and as quickly as possible to own it before running out of stock.
 Louis Vuitton does not wholesale all of its products, which are sold in genuine stores, on Eluxury or in some of the exclusive, tightly controlled Higlend stores.

14. Know the structure of the bag Louis Vuitton will buy

Here's something you need to find out about before buying anything, not just Louis Vuitton luxury handbags.  Before buying, you should visit real Louis Vuitton bag website to preview the image, texture, color and details of the product.  This is a must-do factor if you want to buy real Louis Vuitton bag.

15. Get information about Louis Vuitton outlets addresses in advance 

To verify whether the Louis Vuitton bag is genuine or not, the reputation of the sales address is also a very important factor.

☛ View reviews, comments and feedback of customers who have bought products here, if you receive many positive reviews, you can rest assured.
 ☛ If you buy online, make sure the seller shows you many detailed and clear pictures of the product.
 ☛ Do not buy the product from the address without warranty and return policy
 ☛ The place to sell too well should also be wary of branded products, especially real Louis Vuitton bag, which never cost less than $ 700.
 ☛ Do not buy products from sellers who claim they have real Louis Vuitton bag wholesalers or disbursed.  Since its high-end brands are never discounted, sold at wholesale, and there are no stores that sell inventory, stay away from such sales.


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